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Debbie Gee

Hey welcome 
I'm Debbie.

Welcome to my world where passion meets purpose. Over the past two decades, I've embarked on various entrepreneurial journeys, delving into diverse business sectors. Whether it's mentoring emerging entrepreneurs, managing a complementary therapy business, or offering unique pet services, I've discovered that pursuing what you truly love turns work into a fulfilling extension of yourself.

Embracing Passions

I firmly believe that embracing your passions leads to discovering your venture. This belief inspired me to establish the first-ever tortoise boarding and hibernation service in 2014, now catering to tortoises from across the UK.

Digital Era and Networking

Recognising the immense value of networking, especially in today's digital age, I ventured into the online domain in 2003. I assisted individuals in establishing a web presence and efficiently leveraging social media. Currently, my venture, You Clever Click, simplifies the use of AI for online enhancement, providing quick, easy solutions for solo entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses to effectively establish their online presence.

Community Involvement

In 2014, after 25 years of home-based work, I felt a strong urge to contribute to the community, leading me to volunteer to prepare breakfast for the homeless. This initial step into volunteering grew into a significant role within the Foodshare team, and by 2019, I had become one of its trustees.

Explore My Endeavors

I encourage you to navigate through the various tabs and menus featured above to explore my growing collection of business endeavours. Whether you're seeking business insights or interested in joining forces to make an impact through food sharing, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to connect with you.

Thank you for taking the time to explore here.

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Happy Life!

Debbie Gee Tortoise Hotel
Debbie Gee


I'd love to hear from you

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