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Business Mentoring & Networking

"The unparalleled effectiveness of personal recommendations and networking in attracting business"


Revitalise Your Online Presence with me as your mentor at You Clever Click:

Unlock Digital Excellence for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, Transform your digital footprint with innovative solutions. I’ve tailored my mentoring for solo entrepreneurs, network marketers, and small to medium-sized business owners, my approach is designed to elevate your online visibility both locally and nationally in a cost-effective manner. Whether you are just starting or striving to outshine your competition, You Clever Click equips you with the tools and strategies necessary for online success.


My commitment is to make digital marketing accessible and straightforward, allowing even those with no prior experience to thrive in the digital arena. Through personalised guidance and robust support, You Clever Click empowers you to independently maximise your digital presence and engage effectively with your audience.

I specialise in helping you improve social media interactions, refine email marketing, optimise local online platforms, and boost WhatsApp engagement. My expertise can transform your digital channels into engaging spaces that not only increase sales but also encourage valuable discussions. With You Clever Click's guidance, converting your online platforms into effective sales mechanisms is straightforward and achievable.

Why Choose me as your mentor?


  • Tailored Strategies: Customised solutions that align with your unique business goals, ensuring you stand out in the digital marketplace.

  • Empowerment: Easy-to-navigate tools and comprehensive support designed to foster independence and confidence in your digital journey.

  • Cost-Effective Visibility: Strategies that amplify your online presence affordably, whether you're aiming for local or national recognition.

  • Engagement and Growth: Proven tactics to boost social media engagement, enhance email marketing efforts, and elevate sales performance.

At You Clever Click, I believe in the potential of every business, big or small, to achieve remarkable online success. By simplifying the process of increasing online visibility, we open doors to new opportunities and growth for your business. My mission is to be your partner in navigating the digital world, ensuring that your business not only survives but thrives in today’s competitive online landscape.


Unlock the secrets to digital success and experience significant business growth with me as your You Clever Click Mentor. Let's redefine your online presence together and propel your business to new heights.


Join me in this journey towards achieving unparalleled digital excellence.

©2020 by Debbie Gee

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