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Tortoise Hotel

I believe that passion is something that you can develop at any age, but sometimes it's just ingrained in you from a young age. For me, it was my love for Tortoises that started at the age of 5, thanks to my father's little act of kindness.

This led me to where I am today- a tortoise lover who is determined to make a positive difference in their lives.

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Welcome to the Tortoise Kingdom

Welcome to The Tortoise Hotel, the ultimate luxury getaway for your shelled friends. We understand the individual quirks and personalities of each tortoise and provide bespoke accommodation to cater to their needs.


Our resident tortoises, Manuel, Daisy, and Tess, are living their best lives in our lush garden and spacious enclosures. Manuel, the dominant 9-year-old Spur Thigh tortoise, patrols the grounds with authority while keeping a watchful eye on the girls. Daisy, the 24-year-old rescue tortoise, prefers to keep a low profile and explore the garden in stealth mode. And Tess, also a rescue tortoise, may let Manuel think he's in charge, but she's the true matriarch and isn't afraid to put him in his place.


We are not just a boarding business, but also a registered tortoise breeder and provide free advice on all aspects of tortoise care, husbandry, diet, and breeding. Our bespoke, recycled plastic tortoise tables/enclosures are the first of their kind in the world and are made to order to ensure maximum comfort and happiness for your tortoise.


Give your tortoise the luxury break they deserve and book a stay at The Tortoise Hotel today. Trust us, they won't be disappointed.


©2020 by Debbie Gee

Maidenhead 07782 345 935 

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