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Tortoise Hotel

Where do I start with this one?

My passion started when I was 5 years old when my father, a policeman, brought home a lost tortoise that he found wandering down the main road. Excited and totally overwhelmed with such a prehistoric creature I began immediately making it a cave to live in...

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Tortoise breeder, luxury enclosures & boarding

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tortoise hotel

Tortoise Kingdom

A tortoise can be a wonderful pet and I have personally owned and rescued tortoises for over 30 years. I pride myself on keeping up to date with all the latest information on husbandry and tortoise wellbeing.


We specialise in offering free advice and training to new tortoise owners and can guide you on the most suitable husbandry for your tortoises well being.

You will be offered lifetime support and advice. We do not sell to trade, pet shops or garden centres. All new tortoise owners will be offered free training on how to care for and keep a tortoise, completely free of charge.  The welfare of all tortoises is our priority.

If you'd like to find out more, please visit our website by clicking the button below. or follow us on social media.

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