Kleeneze and Klife

Hello and welcome to my online home, my name is Debbie Gee and I’ve been running my own Kleeneze and Klife network marketing business since 2001.  I have watched our business evolve over the years and believe now we are going into a really exciting phase with the introduction of selling and networking online. Kleeneze and Klife JOIN HERE

Simple work from home business

Kleeneze is a business you can work from home in the UK, Ireland and Spain. Many people right now are earning from £300 to £10,000+ per month part or full time.  The money you earn is determined by the amount of work you are able to commit to your business.  Kleeneze is a business, which enables you to be flexible with your hours whilst earning you good money from day one.

What can Kleeneze do for me?

You can work your business, online or you can combine it with our popular catalogue method, the choice is yours – you can pick your own hours.
Flexibility to work around your family.
On-going expansion in Europe​.
Backing of JrJr Networks – Kleeneze’s Owners.
You have the option of building an unlimited, residual income.
Continuous expansion with massive income potential.
The chance to meet new people and make new friends.
Performance incentives like, overseas travel cash rewards and a car incentive and much, more.

Our vast range of popular, trendy products sell well online and through our brochure method. They are very competitively priced therefore  distributors earn good money from just the retail side of the business if they wish.  

Kleeneze and Klife online

Networking and Social Selling is sweeping across the world; it combines the Internet’s two most popular activities – social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and more) and online shopping (e.g. eBay, Amazon and millions of others). Social Selling involves the sale of products through an online store allowing Social Networkers to earn money any time night or day.

Let’s choose the right starter pack together for you
Send me an email or give me a quick call.  We have other starter packs available for you and we can personalise a kit to suit your individual needs.
This could be the new business venture you’ve been looking forthis year!

Join Kleeneze and KLIfe ONLINE KIT ONLY

Join Kleeneze and  Klife ONLINE & BROCHURE METHOD ONLY