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Not just another weight-loss shake.

You will receive free ongoing support and advice. Also, the opportunity to join our Crazily Delicious community where you will find lots of fantastic tips and recipe ideas


"If cauliflower can become pizza, you my friend can become everything"

‘Our "Believe in YOU’ range is all about helping you feel good, with confidence
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VivaMk thrives in supporting and valuing its customers. We want you to 'believe in you' and love every moment of your life. Weight control is a major factor in everyone's health and well-being, we want to help you lose weight, gain confidence and feel great.

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VivaMk Health

Live Healthily

VivaMk Health makes the whole process easy, our products are packed full of vitamins and minerals. Simply replace one or two of your daily meals with one or two of our delicious shakes to reap all the benefits. We want you to love life, feel great, lose weight and believe in the magnificent individual you know you are.

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VivaMk health

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