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Do good, have fun, make money!

Hello and welcome to my online home. 

My name is Debbie and I am a social networker, coach and mentor in the VivaMK Network.

VivaMk is the newest and I believe one of the most dynamic business ventures in the UK & Ireland today.


Absolutely anyone can run their own business based from home. If you are looking to join VivaMK and start your own business it is so important that you join the right person. Someone who will work with you, support, guide and mentor you at your own pace. 

New Career

Whether you are a busy parent, have been made redundant, furloughed or looking for a complete career change running your own franchise type business might be the answer. 

Find Out More

07782 345 935


New Business Venture?

The internet is awash with how to adapt, change and make remote working something we can all easily do. 

Rapid Growth

I have been fortunate, my VivaMK home-based business actually grew rapidly during the COVID crisis.  The nature of our business means we are still able to supply our customers essential items for the home and still able to support my network via online platforms.


With online sales rocketing, and recruitment at an all-time high, I'm finding more people searching for a reliable and trustworthy way to build a business from home.  

So, if you looking for an affordable franchise type business this opportunity could be just for you! 

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We Put Your Needs First

07782 345 935

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