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Welcome to

our Tortoise Hotel

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At the Tortoise Hotel, we pride ourselves on offering the very best service available to our customers.


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Tortoises For Sale

A tortoise can be a wonderful pet and we have personally owned and rescued tortoises for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with all the latest information on husbandry and tortoise wellbeing.


We specialise in offering free advice and training to new tortoise owners and can guide you on the most suitable husbandry for your tortoises well being.

Tortoises Tables

When purchasing a tortoise from us. You will be offered lifetime support and advice.


We do not sell to trade, pet shops or garden centres. So as a new tortoise owner will be offered this training free where you can learn  how to care for and keep your new pet health.  The welfare of all tortoises is our priority.

We will ask for photos of your tortoise set up including enclosure and lighting before you are able to take your new pet home.

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Tortoises Tables For Sale

The ULTIMATE Tortoise accommodation. Patented & manufactured in the EU

New to the market in 2018, our reputableTortoise Hotel launched their very own bespoke recyclable, plastic tortoise tables & enclosures. These incredible products not only look good but are long-lasting products, often with a life-expectancy exceeding 60 years. (We are the only people in the world to make these tables) Thanks to its unique polymer structure, they are well suited for recycling when they come to the end of their life and they are by no means a one-use plastic.


Totally frustrated with the lack of decent tortoise tables for sale on the market, we decided to do something about it. First we located a manufacturer who had a proven track record in producing animal and child safe products. Together we designed an ideal, weather proof and robust tortoise enclosure. Most tortoise tables for sale in garden centres, pet shops and online are totally inadequate - they are usually made of wood and far, far too small. Our tortoise tables and enclosures have deliberately been manufactured large and deep enough to ensure your tortoise can live in luxury.


Take a look at the brochure below for more information on the Tortoise Hotel Bespoke Tortoise tables.  If you purchase your hatchling or tortoise from us, you are by no means obliged to purchase our encosures.

Hatchling Enclosures

We can also offer you the full 'take-away' package for our hatchling tortoises. Please contact us for more information.

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What is the best substrate for tortoises tables?


Sterilised topsoil is the most used and recommended for tables and bedding areas.

Tortoises need to be able to regulate their body temperature. They dig down in the soil when they are too hot or cold.  This is known as Thermoregulation. This soil can be brought from most garden centre and DIY stores.


​Q & A

The soil is very dry and dusty?

Soil is best kept ever so slightly damp (never wet)

How do we keep it from doing dusty?

By pouring a jug of water over the soil, allow it to seep down, avoid stirring the soil.  When the soil starts to look dusty and dry damp spray using a water spray bottle. When the tortoise digs down, he will find the damp soil underneath which will help him to thermoregulate. Keep an eye on the soil underneath to be sure it isn’t too wet or dry

Substrate to avoid

You may be advised by pet shops, online sellers and garden centres to use one of the following.

Hay/straw. Hay & straw hold mould spores when wet and dust particles when dry, both can cause respiratory problems. 

Hemp is dusty and has sharp bits in it, if eaten can cause gut impaction

Grass pellets are hard, lumpy and hard to walk over, they eventually break down causing dust similar to hemp.

Wood chipping - The downside to wood or bark chips; besides the potential for the tortoise to ingest mould, fungus or bacteria introduced to their enclosure on the chips; is that as with sand, ingesting wood or bark chips can cause serious blockages within the tortoise’s gastrointestinal tract, and sharp pieces of bark can even pierce the walls of the intestine.

Please avoid using any of the above.

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