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Who are the VivaMK Network!

Team Summit is the largest team within the VivaMK Network. When I joined the company right at in the beginning it was a passion of mine to grow the largest team within VivaMK. I remember one day speaking with Michael Khatkar (our owner) and saying, by the end of the year I'd like to have at least 1000 distributors within the team.

I have to be honest, what happened next even took me by surprise. Six distributors were allocated the front line position (myself included) and then people had a choice of which team to join. It has taken a serious amount of work, but it has all been worth every minute of it. Within the first 6 weeks, my team grew to over 2600 distributors with a group sales turnover of over £460,000! Pretty incredible isn't it, our distributors are so passionate about the VivaMK Network and are very committed to making this business work for them.

Ex Network marketing industry leaders chose to join me on my VivaMK network journey and brought many teams with them, saying it's was refreshing being part of a team which is open to innovation and not stuck in the 'old school' networking days.

Over the last two years, we have had a pretty incredible journey and trust me, it's not stopping here. This business has so much to offer anyone who really wants to make a change in their life. Whether it be earning extra money or have a complete career change. Contact me for a chat and see what is on offer for you as part of Team Summit. To find out more about me please click here. To register for an immediate start, follow this link. I look forward to working with you!

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