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VivaMK 17th December 2018 update

Well, the ‘New Beginnings’ catalogue has started to work its magic already. VivaMK 17th December 2018 – We have received a phenomenal response from so many of you. THANK YOU for your incredible support.


‘New Beginnings’ is now available to order in packs of 50 for only £7.50 / €9 on code 00009, also please don’t forget that for EVERY order placed until 11:59 pm Sunday 6 January 2019, you will receive 100 New Beginnings catalogues absolutely FREE (excludes dropship orders).

Our team are now working hard to get all of the new products live on the shop/ordering site. I was over-enthusiastic last week when I said it would all be done today, of course, it’s a mammoth task and is taking longer than anticipated to complete. I will update you again tomorrow on progress but we’re getting there!

#VivaMK we are getting there this ‘New Beginnings’ #VivaMKcatalogue is only the beginning of our first full year in business, one we couldn’t do without you, our magnanimous Network.

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VivaMk 17th December 2018 update on Facebook

Michael Khatkar

Managing Director

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