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VivaMK Reviews

Find out what our VivaMK customers think about our products. We have such a wide range of innovative, quirky and essential items you'll be quite surprised. VivaMk reviews are so important for us as distributors because we are a referal business, good reviews lead to customers recommending our products, hence leading to more sales.

VivaMK Customer Review - Kleeneze mop & bucket

It is brilliant. It's such a lightweight bucket, even when filled. The mop head can be thrown in the machine and washed. Replacement heads can easily be bought. The design allows edge to edge cleaning. Not just for floors, it is ideal to use on wet walls or tiles in the shower/bath as it allows for easy reach right to the top. It slides under furniture to clean too. I love it. Francis

VivaMk Customer Review - Blue Magic

I couldnt get the top of my fridge freezer clean no matter what I used so I tried this blue magic for the first time ever and oh my god it is blue magic it cleaned my fridge freezer spotless I will definitely be buying this blue magic again!

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