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Weight loss Mentor

I love fresh healthy food and the odd prosecco. I stumbled across very low carb eating when looking for a weight loss system to help reverse the effects of pre-diabetic and PCOS.

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Weight Loss Mentor

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Enjoying a Lighter life!

Low-carb cauliflower pizza and I was hooked!

Seriously, I had to do something about my weight gain and fast. From the moment I was born I've been overweight, absolutely nothing I tried helped. Now, just over 50 years old and in desperate need of, not one, but two hip replacements. I had slowed down to an almost sitting position with the chronic pain. 

It was 2020 and the pandemic hit the world. I was sat watching the first-ever sky news footage of a hospital in Italy where people were fighting for their life in ICU.  Guess what was the first thing I spotted? Every single person in the unit was overweight. Quite probably only another fat person would have observed this as their first thought. Goosebumps spread up my arms as the journalist reported to the world about coronavirus, a new pandemic that was to change our world, forever. 


As time passed, doctors and scientists from around the world found the correlation between being obese and having a higher chance of being hospitalised or worse, an increased risk of death. I knew I had to do something, my hip replacement had been cancelled twice due to the pandemic and as the consultant very politely said, I couldn't risk getting covid during or after the operation as I was at a major risk of serious complications. 

Having a recent diagnosis of pre-diabetics I started to google ways to reverse it. I researched and research and decided a very low carb, keto diet was the answer for me. 2 stone weight loss and I was literally jumping for joy. My hip pain was easing and the dizziness from carb and sugar overload was gone. I was on cloud nine. I had not felt better in literally, 15 years.

As time went on I realised my new keto lifestyle was not really necessarily nutritionally balanced. High fat, medium protein and very low carb are not that easy to find recipes for on a daily basis.  You have to plan every single meal well in advance or you run the risk of breaking ketosis with not having the right foods to hand.

I was scrolling through Facebook one day and an advert for Lighterlife popped up, it mentioned your body enters mild ketosis.  I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of this sooner. 15 years previously I had a massive event I wanted to look good for, I  went on the lighterlife total weight loss program and lost 6 stones in 7 months.  It totally changed the next 5 years of my life, while, I hasten to add, I stuck religiously to a new healthy eating plan.  Unfortunately, I fell into bad habits again, there was an illness, menopause, lack of exercise and a whole host of things I could blame my weight gain on. Now I was suffering the consequences of all my bad choices, I needed to do something again and fast.

 So, this is why I joined Lighterlife a nutritionally complete program with the added unique CBT mentorship approach. After phenomenal success with weight loss, I have invested in the lighterlife franchise and started my own practice as a  weight-loss mentor. I have many clients who now, for the first time, are really seeing some serious results on their weight loss journey. This is such a rewarding career.


Whether you are looking to lose weight or If you’re looking for a flexible, low risk, low investment franchise that provides high returns, then this could be it!

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