Crazily Delicious 

New year & a new way of life

Are you looking to lose a few pounds?

Maybe you are like us and needed to lose quite a few stones.

Alternatively, you could just be looking to improve your health, live longer, reduce blood pressure, cholesterol or improve your cardiovascular health?





During lockdown in 2020, two friends got together (on zoom of course) and decided to find a successful way to lose weight and get healthier!

What we have found is absolutely, crazily delicious food, that uses a combination of different weight loss and healthy living ideas to turn fat into fuel.

We are, by no means, experts. However, we have found like-minded people who all share the same goals.



We are now a group of friends who support, encourage, offer tips and some of the most crazily delicious recipes you could ever imagine.

Whatever your reason for a healthier lifestyle, this has to be ones of the easiest, fastest and most satisfying ways to better health!

YES, free. You don't often get an offer like that, do you?

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