Building Your Brand


When it comes to building a brand, many networkers get it all wrong.
Many think a brand is about a logo, website name or the colour scheme. Nothing could be further from the truth.  You may ask, well….what is a ‘brand’ if it’s not the logo, business name or colour schemes?

Your brand is actually the ‘soul of your business’  It’s the contact, the total experience a person has with you, your products or service.  It’s the thought and feelings that pop into people’s mind when they hear your name…your brand name.

Your Brand should be something that no one can take away from you (unless you choose to sell it).  If you build your brand as a networker/distributor/affiliate using the company name, what would happen if they change their policies, or worse – they get banned from using the name on social media, Google etc… or they just decide to prevent you from promoting your products online?  It’s happened to people in our industry before, some have had to delete their whole online history!   So after deleting everything….you would have to start from scratch. What a waste of valuable time!

I decided to focus on building my PERSONAL brand as a Networker in 2003, instead of just promoting my network marketing business name.  I decided to specifically position myself as the person to join out of 17,000 distributors.  Distributors who were all doing exactly the same as me.  I started an online profile, set up branding ‘me’.  I set up a presence on social media and other online forums, recorded my training, and entered into a personal development programme that would help build my confidence and arm me with the skills I needed to lead, support and motivate a team.

As a result of the personal brand I developed over the years.  I’ve not only built a network marketing business that has enabled me to enjoy a residual income, giving me financial freedom. It’s enabled me to expand into other areas….I’ve been a consultant working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. Helping them develop better communication within their own setup, advised on team incentives, marketing, branding and gaining an online presence/social media. I’ve been sought out to help with charity projects, fundraising and training’s volunteers.  All because of the one brand I built!

Think carefully about what you are doing.  First, work out what you want, who you want to serve, know the clients/customers you want. You’ll need to know your ideal client BEFORE building your brand. Most people start to build a brand right after they decide that they want to start a business. This is totally backwards!Debbie Gee

I still don’t even have a logo or colour scheme for my personal brand! I’ve just created an exceptional customer/client experience that has left people wanting to refer others …
Since your brand is the soul of your business, it’s going to follow you everywhere. When you are interacting with people, whether it’s in person, over the phone, or email…they are subconsciously taking notes about how the experience (your brand) makes them feel.

Your brand follows you everywhere.

You need to be authentic and show you care. Whether it’s on social media, blogging, or networking event. People need to get to know, like and trust in your brand.

So be consistent. Be authentic. Be you!