WOW take a look. Author Motivation From a Tortured Mind.

Picture of michael KhatkarPicture of Michael Khatkar


I  had no idea when I picked up this book the power that was held within its pages. Michael eloquently shares with you an honest account of his deepest darkest thoughts. Using an unconventional approach, he inspires and motivates the readers to take a good look at their own life. This book truly has the ability to motivate, inspire and effect changes in other human beings like no other book I have ever read.
Chapter 9 “Any goal, lifetime ambition or target will drive a stake of desire right through your heart, if it is fuelled and powered by YOUR SONG”
This chapter alone makes you re-evaluate the whole concept of goal setting and helps you understand what is needed for you to achieve the success YOU ultimately DESIRE. 

Debra Gee ~ Entrepreneur