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Kleeneze 2017 – You might want to read this first before joining

Kleeneze 2017 is a business that you can work from home in the UK, Ireland and Spain.

Join Kleeneze 2017 here: Online Business CLICK HERE

Join Kleeneze 2017 Online & Catalogue Business CLICK HERE

kleenezeOver the next 5 years the business will be expanding into many more countries in Europe. Many people right now, are earning anything from an extra £200 to over £10,000 per month.

As a kleeneze distributor, the income you earn, is determined by the amount of time and commitment that you are willing to put into the business.
However, It doesnt matter whether you are interested in earning a good additional income, or have the ambition to achieve financial independence.

Please take a few minutes to find out how our home business can work for you.

So lets take a look further?
Kleeneze , established in 1923  are the UK’s original Home Shopping Company. Our products are sold either online or through the highly successful catalogue method via Independent Kleeneze distributors. Kleeneze are also the first and most successful company to combine the effectiveness of direct selling, with the powerful income potential of network marketing.

If you look below this video you will find a link that will take you directly through to joining my Kleeneze team.

So let’s take a moment to look at what we  can offer you?

It’s a simple work from home business that can offer you the opportunity to build your very own part or full-time income, working the hours you want.

You have the option of building an unlimited, residual income.

You’ll get continuous expansion with massive income potential.

The chance to… meet new people and make new friends.

Performance incentives like, overseas travel cash rewards and a spectacular car incentive.

Kleeneze have the backing of JRJR Networks. Who own 9 other companies of which, Kleeneze is the fastest growing network within their organisation.

JRJR Networks are in the top 80 revenue generating direct selling companies in the world.

For more information about joining me Debbie Gee and joining my  team.

Please take a look at my website which is also listed below this video.

Feel free to contact me anytime with your questions about becoming a distributor on 07782 345 935

Order Kleeneze Products Online

Order Kleeneze Products Online 

Order Kleeneze Products Online

Kleeneze has launched a brand new online shop where customers can order Kleeneze products online and get them delivered direct to their door. This will allows Kleeneze customers who are not currently getting a Kleeneze catalogue to still order their Kleeneze products. Direct to their home. So… to order Kleeneze products direct from the Kleeneze shop and get them delivered

to your door… Please visit my online Kleeneze shop at this web address  you’ll be able to browse the current Kleeneze products and place your order. All payments are taken on the Kleeneze shop site and a small postage charge is applied if your order is under £50. I would just like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for shopping with me


K Lite 10 Diet and Support

K Lite 10 Diet and Support System

K Lite 10 Diet

K Lite 10 is a 10 day detox and weight loss pack that provides you with that initial boost you need to transform your body. Notice a change in looks and feel more energised by following the simple 10 day programme.   Join us on Facebook here: klite 10 Diet

Looking to purchase the amazing K lite 10 ?

Follow this link below and grab yourself a new detox diet programme.

K Lite 10 – Uk customers:
K Lite 10 – Euro customers:

Join K Life Page on Facebook

Free Images Some Options For You To Use Images Legally,

Challenges within the new visual age is developing or sourcing images that you can use with your blog posts or social media sites. Finding free images to use can be quite confusing.

A lot of people think it is ok to go and search on the web for pictures and images to use for their marketing or websites, it’s not.  Just because you search on google and they appears under images, you can’t just use them. Even when you take a photo and upload the image, that does not allow anyone else to use them without permission, so it does work both ways.

There is a reverse image search which allow photographers and designers to search their own images to find out who has been using them illegally.  If you have been using images and not been caught yet, you are very lucky.

Google does have an advanced search facility which will help you locate free images. Not many people realise that if you search for an image, then click the images tab, in the top right hand corner you will find an advanced search. A box appears with usage license, click the relevant option and search for your desired image.

Free images


Below I have listed some free and cheap resources you can use to help you avoid using images illegally.




FREE Images Stock Photography



PAID Stock Photography



Ethical and Effective Networking The Social Selling System

Whether online or in life in general most things require a level of trust , it is important to provide value and build relationships first and foremost.

Here are 10 top tips to attract the right people into your network, ethically The Social Selling System way.

The Social Selling system

1. Be conversational, casual, genuine and friendly. People join Network Marketing for people and to join the community more than they join for your specific product or income opportunity. When you are posting online, be the kind of person others would want to be around, follow, and emulate. If you are too formal,dictatorial, cold, pompous or unengaged, people will not want to be like you. For example, “I’m going to our team meet up tonight. I’m taking cake! Anyone want to come ? 🙂  ” This tells people you have a support system in your business and that it’s fun! The smiley on social media makes it more casual and almost implies you are joking about inviting people but that makes it easier for people to respond. The right ones will actually private message you or post on your timeline to say “can i come, I like cake!”

2. The best results occur when others ask YOU about your opportunity. Interact in groups and on other pages that discuss business. Without being spammy, mention that you have a business when appropriate. For example, someone is discussing a restaurant in the local area. You could say that would be a great place for me to meet the team. Wait for someone to ask you what business you are in, or they might simply visit your profile to see. Be sure your business info is in your ‘About’ section on your timeline and business page.

3. Share about the lifestyle that having a home based business affords you. Stating that you are grateful to have a flexible schedule that allows you to help at your daughter’s classroom reading sessions, implant the seeds that others would like the lifestyle too. Don’t end the status with a link to your business opportunity! You are just sharing from the heart.

4. Share articles, blogs, and images that support working from home, running a home office. It is best to avoid hypey sites that make income claims or promise to “change your life” (that includes you being hypey). I mean, for example, articles that say how much the network marketing industry contributes to our economy, or giving you tips on organising your desk, or on the tax benefits of a home based business. Teach them something they might not know about working from home so they start to realise it would be a great choice for them, too.

5.Put yourself in the position to meet a lot of people . Hypothetically, if 1 out of every 10 people you meet might be curious about your business, and 1 out of 10 of those people might actually request information, and 1 out of 10 of those people actually join, you need to meet a lot of people! In social media, this is best done through interacting in topic discussion groups on Facebook, witter and Instagram (not groups where everyone is just sharing their opportunity!), by participating in hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, and on other (non-competing) pages on Facebook. Comment authentically and add genuine value to the discussions, you will attract people who will want to find out what you do, and connect to you.

6. Offer some kind of “freebie” online in exchange for getting on your email list. Most of you have some mechanism by which you can add people to your contact manager, or maybe you have created some way of doing this on your own. Once people on your list, they should be presented on a regular basis with information about your products and opportunity. When you receive their contact form, email them the freebie.  Be sure your freebie is something of value that people benefit from whether or not they do business with you. They may not be ready (if ever) and you want to be sure to give first.

7. Images are very powerful way of connecting on social media. Share pictures of you doing business, or pictures of people at your parties and meetings. These grab people’s attention and interest them in finding out more. Try using some of the tools at image editing sites such as or  When you share the picture, be sure NOT to add a call to action on every one, with a link to where they can sign up. The idea is to create curiosity and intrigue – let them ask you for more information. Once in a while it’s Ok to purely promote, but keep it to the minimum! I suggest following the 90/10 rule, 10% business and 90% connecting and interacting with people.

8. Use private messages. Do not pounce on someone who displays “green flags” by immediately private messaging them to ask if they would like business information. There is nothing worse for your own reputation, or the reputation of the company or the network marketing industry as a whole, than to spam people, and this is considered spam. When you do see “green flags” online indicating someone might be interested, take it as a sign to develop that relationship further and pay attention to them. Perhaps you would interact a little more with them on their own social media profiles (not too much – don’t cross over into stalker territory!) which builds rapport. At some point when you feel it would be appropriate to take it to the next level, then private message them or start a chat conversion. It is important to have that rapport FIRST. One of the biggest mistakes Networkers make is that they present their opportunity first before getting to know people.  Once you know them more say something like, “I think what I am doing might help you. Do you want to know more?”

9. Direct promotion of your business opportunity is OK once in a while. I recommend my 90/10 rule. The 90/10 rule consists of 9non-marketing posts (inform, inspire, add value) to every 1 promotional post (blatant selling/recruiting) and adding in 1 interactive or personal post to build rapport. If you are mostly using subtle engagement and relationship building tactics, providing value , then your 1 promotional post can be quite powerful, because the rest of the time your contacts have come to trust you! When you are ready to do some blatant recruiting, still think of how you can be conversational, and social, in doing so. Talk about your own story and tell them you can help them do the same thing. On promotional posts I recommend asking people to private message you for more information so you can carry on a conversation, get their contact information or send them information such as your sponsoring video or other materials. If you simply post the link to your business info, it’s too easy for people to mentally say yes or no without further discussion.

10. Follow up equals fortune! Keep in touch with anyone who has been curious about your business. Connect with them on social media and if they’ve agreed, add them to your contact manager. Check in once in a while via private message to give them the latest information or article that can help them decide if your opportunity is right for them. As you know in “real life” decisions to join your business can take months, or even years. Social media gives you a way to stay top of mind among your prospects if you use it wisely!

The Social Selling System.The Social Selling system