Training weekend At G-Force Towers

What a fantastic weekend.  We had the super achievers in the team – Andy & Jane Connor – Sheelagh & Paul Humphries – Dave & Jill Mason –  come over for training.  They were travelling from Devon, Hull & Doncaster so I’m sure you can imagine they had been travelling from early morning.

They arrived at 12pm Saturday 11th june (Dave’s birthday). Lunch was served and the room was buzzing with the excitement of the last sales period.  It seemed ages since we’d all met up, but it was only 8 weeks since we’d had a face to face meeting. (We always chat on the phone but we have started this new group and meeting up was essential)

Andy & Jane, Dave & Jill were really excited, they were swapping fascinating stories about their teams monthly sales and how everyone was going that extra mile to help them with their Kleeneze incentive. (An International trip to New York) Kleeneze’s rewards for them building their business and earning more money!! –“I know amazing huh?”

Lunch seemed to last hours – we chatted so much that it was a blessing most of it was cold food.  Sheelagh and Paul (top retail winners for 2 yrs) came armed with ideas on how to boost the retail side of their business. Such simple ideas most had not thought of, but even better because they could talk about the results they achieved when using these techniques the previous year.

Hours passed, beer and wine flowed, the laughter could be heard outside. The neighbours must have thought we were having ANOTHER party – what they probably would never understand is these are business colleagues and our line of work is fun, fun, fun.

The DINNER was starting to BURN in the oven…how could I forget (was it the effects of the sea breeze cocktail Jane and I just HAD to taste whilst making coffee)  Dave saved the day, he rescued the crispy topped lasagne – I pleaded it was deliberate and that’s how I like it, but he didn’t fall for it this time.

Brainstorming went right into the evening – there had to be a shut off point, we were all having such a laugh but we were now suffering sleep deprivation.  We closed the night off and they went to their rooms in the ‘G-Force towers’…….

…….Oh dear, bet that woke them…the grill came crashing out of the oven onto the ceramic floor! What a noise. Well, I was only trying to get their breakfast sorted before they woke 😉  Bacon Butties – fresh coffee and ‘weak tea’ for Sheelagh. we were off once again – wow what a dynamic bunch we were. Ideas flowed, plans were made and goals were set.

Lost in time – Sunday 5pm how on earth did that happen?  Kids – responsibilities and a business to run drew us back to normality. Note pads full of ideas, goals and action plans – suitcases packed and cars loaded. What a FANTASTIC, FUN & PRODUCTIVE weekend.

Just a little snippet into the world of the G-Force Team 🙂