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Klite 10 Programme, why not lighten up in 2017

Klite 10 Programme

It will come as no surprise that the number one New Year’s Resolution throughout the country is to lose weight. Klite 10 ProgrammeAfter an indulgent festive season. We can all be wracked with a little guilt and make that vow to live a little healthier from now on. However, most of the resolutions last only a matter of weeks. So how can we buck the trend? You can do that with our Klite 10 Programme, please read on.

New You

Much like anything, the faster you see results, the more motivated you are to keep on going. Which is the beauty of K Life’s new K Lite 10 programme. K Lite 10 is a 10 day detox and weight loss pack that provides you with that initial boost you need to transform your body. Notices a change in looks and feel more energised by following the simple 10 day programme. The pack contains meal replacements, which are clinically proven to contribute to weight loss. Capsules to aid weight loss. A KCleanse Juice, 3 health supplements. A FREE KLife shaker making it easy for when you’re on the go.

Klite 10 Programme

10 day plan gives you the kick-start you need, working because it’s easy to follow and a short time to maintain. Once you see the results coming so quickly, it will give you that boost to carry on with healthy eating. To help you, and your customers, out even more. We’ve created an online Facebook support group where you can swap tips, get motivation and ask questions to those who’ve already completed the plan. 10 days to change the way you feel and kick start your transformation! KLITE 10 HERE

Come along and join my Klite 10 Porgramme. Facebook Page here, ask questions and feel free to add your story.

Klite 10 Programme Video

Join Kleeneze Spain and be part of a dynamic team

Are you looking to join Kleeneze Spain?

My name is Debbie Gee. I’m a Kleeneze distributor recruiting for our company, and looking for people who would like to join Kleeneze Spain.

We are undergoing a massive expansion at the moment and launching in 3rd of October 2016. We are looking for people who would be interested in earning money based from home. Selling products online and using our Kleeneze Spain catalogue.

If you think you would be interested and would like to join kleeneze Spain. Find out more information or would just like a chat. Please get in touch with me.

Join Kleeneze SpainJoin Kleeneze Spain

Kleeneze is a well-established company with a trading history of over 90 years.

The exciting part of our opportunity is that the Kleeneze Spain expansion is just at the beginning.  We currently only trade in the UK and Ireland, in the next 5 years we plan to expand into more than ten countries.  This is a ground floor opportunity for the right people.

 Why not email for more detail here: CLICK HERE

About Kleeneze

Kleeneze is one of Britain’s largest home shopping companies and has been providing innovative, quality products for every area of life. From kitchen, homecare and laundry and bed, bath and beauty to health and home fragrance, car, garden and even pet!

We look forward to welcoming our first Distributors in Kleeneze Spain and with hundreds of products from our flagship range, many of which you won’t find anywhere else. You will have a great business to run from home.

Please take a look at my Facebook Page and get a glimpse of products on offer.

Kleeneze Spain has arrived..  Email link is provided, address and contact telephone number : CLICK HERE

Let’s connect on FACEBOOK

kleeneze login

Kleeneze Login Here To Place Orders

Kleeneze login

Kleeneze login – It’s easy to login into the Kleeneze website to place your order, check your GSA (Group sales Analysis), check delivery etc.

Click the image below and it will take you straight through to Kleeneze login.

kleeneze login

Join Kleeneze and start to change your lifestyle. Within just a few days, you can start building a different lifestyle for you and your family.

Kleeneze distributors join for lots of reasons. One of the main ones is to address their lifestyle and how they can improve their work-life balance.


Are you driven to earn your own financial freedom? Would you like to be your own boss, working the hours you want? Join Kleeneze and you could earn £200 – £2000+ per month delivering and collecting Kleeneze catalogues on a part or full-time basis around the hours that suit you.

Reasons to join Kleeneze:

  • Build your very own part or full-time business, working the hours you want
  • Clear debts & bills
  • Pay for a holiday, your wedding or a new car
  • Build yourself a better future
  • Personal development
  • Performance incentives (like overseas travel or a Kleeneze branded Mini)
  • Potential earnings of £200 – £2000+ per month depending on commitment

There are thousands of people like you who are already enjoying the freedom of running their own business. In less than a week, you could be one of them. Fill in the form to find out more about how you can join Kleeneze.  Kleeneze Join Here

Kleeneze Products



Kleenee Product


Kleeneze Product


Kleeneze Product




The Kleeneze product range is comprehensive from gardening to gadgets, Christmas gifts to beauty products; the Kleeneze catalogues have it all. With over 1,700 carefully selected products, to choose from.

Kleeneze is the largest home shopping Network Company in Europe and has great purchasing power when it comes to new selecting new products. All Kleeneze products that are added to the catalogues are very carefully selected and priced not only to sell, We have a specialist team of Kleeneze buyers who travel worldwide to secure the very best products for the catalogues and products sold through our online shop. We have consumables, which brings the Kleeneze distributor monthly repeat business. All our products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee so if they are not 100% satisfied, they can have a full refund.

The Kleeneze Catalogues
Each year Kleeneze produces three or four main catalogues as well as a selection of smaller, supplementary catalogues. These Kleeneze catalogues are called, Specialogues, these smaller catalogues are seasonal and provide excellent value Kleeneze products to all our new and existing customers. Contact Debbie Gee
07782 345 935

K Lite 10 Diet and Support

K Lite 10 Diet and Support System

K Lite 10 Diet

K Lite 10 is a 10 day detox and weight loss pack that provides you with that initial boost you need to transform your body. Notice a change in looks and feel more energised by following the simple 10 day programme.   Join us on Facebook here: klite 10 Diet

Looking to purchase the amazing K lite 10 ?

Follow this link below and grab yourself a new detox diet programme.

K Lite 10 – Uk customers: http://bit.ly/1Se9iFy
K Lite 10 – Euro customers: http://bit.ly/20mvQ6q

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