Super savers


Kleeneze’s Super Saverz range has thirteen varied, top-selling products all at HALF PRICE. From products for keeping your house in ship-shape condition, to ones for keep you feeling great, you’re certain to find that something you need and love in this unique range.
View more details for the Wipe Out Stain Remover

Wipe Out Stain Remover

A top performing cleaning agent that will tackle even the toughest of stains. Removes all types of stains with ease – whether fresh or dried in.
was £4.95 – now £2.45
View more details for the No Rinse Floor Cleaner

No Rinse Floor Cleaner

Leave floors fresh and brilliantly clean! Designed to cut through grease and grime, this cleaner is ideal for vinyl, lino and ceramic tiled floors, with no rinsing required.
was £3.95 – now £1.95
View more details for the Extra Long dust Buster

Extra Long Dust Buster

This extendable duster generates its own static electricity which picks updust like a magnet! Washable, with a removable extension, featuring lockable telescopic twist action, that gives you up to 202cm (79 1/2″) extra reach.
was £9.95 – now £4.95
View more details for the Colour Change filters

Colour Change Filters

A pack of 2 highly effective grease-removing filters, designed for use in cooker hoods linked to an outside air duct. Can also be used in re-circulating hoods. Simply replace filter when the colour changes.
was £7.95 – now £3.95
View more details for the Fridge Freezer De-Icer

Fridge Freezer De-Icer

A quick and easy way to defrost your fridge or freezer. Just spray on and it will defrost the ice build up, which prevents long term damage as well as combatting the build up of bacteria!
was £4.95 – now £2.45
View more details for the Sink & Plughole Unblocker

Sink & Plughole Unblocker

Rapidly clears blocked and slow-draining sinks by sinking straight through standing water direct to the blockage. This powerful product kills germs and deodorises, yet will not damage pipes.
was £4.95 – now £2.45
View more details for the Bio Drain Clear

Bio Drain Clear

Avoid costly plumbing bills by using Bio Drain Clear on a regular basis to prevent build-up in your piping. Completely eliminates grease, oil, food particles, hair and detergent residue effortlessly.
was £9.95 – now £4.95
View more details for the Washing Machine Sanitiser

Washing Machine Sanitiser

Prevent damage to clothes and the build up of germs and limescale on washing machines and fabrics with this sanitiser. Use once a month for clean, hygienic washing.
was £5.95 – now £2.95
View more details for the Bleach Tablets

Bleach Tablets

To keep your toilet clean and free from bacteria, simply drop one splash-free tablet into the bowl or cistern. Can also be used to disinfect walls, worktops and waste bins. Supplied in childproof container.
was £4.95 – now £2.45

Leather Cleaner

This Leather Cleaner effectively removes spot stains, oil, paint, wine and coffee, as well as everyday dirt and grime. Will not scratch and is gentle enough to use on the softest leathers.
was £5.95 – now £2.95
View more details for the Manuka wonder Rub

Manuka Wonder Rub

The combination of manuka honey, manuka essential oil, lavender and tea tree essential oil makes this rich cream a fabulous skin treatment.
was £10.00 – now £5.00
View more details for the Jewellery Bath

Jewellery Bath

Make your jewellery look as good as new. Simply immerse it in the tray, agitate gently, then rinse with water and dry. Supplied with a small brush for those items heavily laden with dirt.
was £5.00 – now £2.50