“Starting my own business gave me the freedom to spend time with my family”

My Story

Mark has had a very successful career working 20 years in the engineering industry; however the instability and constant threat of redundancy was becoming a problem for him and his family. With his partner Sandra working full time and having two children still at school it did not seem like a viable option for Mark to leave his job.

However in early (20xx), Mark stumbled upon a ‘work from home’ leaflet that had been put through his door and out of curiosity he investigated the business further. After speaking to his ‘soon-to-be’ upline at length on the telephone, and looking into the opportunities that Kleeneze has offered many people over the past (80+ years), Mark and Sandra realised that this could be a viable new business venture. Kleeneze was offering a flexible and exciting way to make a secure financial future for their family with the added bonus of working from home! Without hesitation they joined the business and started delivering catalogues immediately, understanding that the more effort that they put in now the bigger rewards they would see in the future.

The real enjoyment came from the realisation that there is so much more to running a Kleeneze business than putting out catalogues. Kleeneze encourages you to embark on a continuous journey of personal development, and exposes you to many successful and like-minded people that will help you along the way. Frequent meetings and seminars provide inspiration and motivation and you soon realise that you are a part of something fantastic within Kleeneze. Mark and Sandra successfully stepped up to their new role running their own Kleeneze business and their hard work was rewarded when they received the Distributor of the Year trophy in 2006 for the G-Force team. Mark has also had the opportunity to tell his Kleeneze story at the annual conference in the NIA in Birmingham infront of 4,500 people, and has reached his goal of speaking at on of Kleeneze’s International conferences.

Despite their growing success in Kleeneze, they were still working the business part time with Mark working for Jaguar Cars. It wasn’t until early 2007 that another redundancy caused Mark to step back and look at the bigger picture. For many people the news of being made redundant can be devastating, however Mark was able to look at this as an opportunity for a new future to begin and started working on the business full time. Since that day they have never looked back. The flexibility of their business has changed their lives forever, providing a stable and regular income whilst also allowing more time for their family. Whereas once the couple may have had to miss sports days and parent meetings due to work commitments, they are now the (embarrassing) ones in the front row cheering their children on.

In a nutshell, Kleeneze has transformed Mark from a wage slave who was missing so much of his children’s lives, into a successful businessman and doting Father! This story has proven that the opportunities are out there waiting to be taken; the sooner we all realise this the sooner we can really start living our lives fully.