Single mum earns £2000

Wendy Vickers

Wendy Vickers

I was very unhappy in my job. I was up at 5am every morning. I was on the lookout for something new, and one day I saw a sign on a car about earning extra cash.

I went on the internet and requested an info pack, it came the next day, and I saw kleeneze and threw it in the bin. A couple of days later I got a phone call from stew.

I agreed to meet him, as I listened to what he had to say about kleeneze. Almost at once I could see that this thing could be good (no bosses or managers).I signed up. The 200 catalogues arrived on Friday afternoon.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow, I put the catalogues out, and on Monday when I picked them up I had £254.00 in orders. I had earned a profit of £55.00 for a couple of hours work. I put them out again on Monday and got another 169.00 in orders.

By the end of the period I had retailed over £1500.00 which earned me a bonus cheque and 10% and 13% level. I was so happy with kleeneze and now its 12 months on just I love kleeneze I have as much time as I want to spend with my daughter, I love the freedom.

Here are my cheques from my 1st one to my most recent.

To make kleeneze work, just work hard and keep focused. 
Wendy Vickers