reluctant reader

The Reluctant Reader

Reading was never something I was interested in while attending school. Nor was it something I thought I would ever do again and most certainly not through choice.

The reason – I was hiding a deep dark secret and had managed to hide it throughout my school years. (wouldn’t happen now, Schools would pick up on my problem)… Dyslexia.

So, you can imagine when my sponsor suggested that I should read books to help me grow my business, I was embarrassed and very dismissive. I went through the motions, bought the books off the display table and sneaked back to my seat. Hiding at the back of the room I listened quietly to the next few hours training.

One day, after talking to my upline on the phone – he asked if I’d read the books that i’d bought at the workshop.  I think he picked up on my awkwardness and went on to explain how books had changed his life.  He explained, books were the main reason they’d been able to build such a huge Kleeneze business and an income of £8,000 a month (since increased)

I have to be honest I was impressed. My initial thoughts were that it was OK for him – he had all the charm and charisma.  I didn’t and that would be my downfall.  As we continued talking he then went on the explain he too didn’t have a huge amount of confidence when he first started the business, it grows as you develop.  He explained that the quicker I put my time and effort into personal development, the sooner i’d see the results.

Whether true or not,  I felt better and more determined to make a difference.  I came off the phone feeling energised, I knew I had a fantastic work ethic, I could do anything if I put my mind to it. I wanted a residual income, even if it mean’t reading books – something i’ve avoided doing since primary school.

I started to read MLM Magic – How an ordinary person can build an EXTRA – ordinary networking business from scratch by Venus Andrecht.  Venus explains you that you can do it, if you have the passion and the heart. (I had bundles of that)   So….This is where my reading journey began.

Slow and steady I started reading more and more. Having  dyslexia  can often hinder your reading. Mine was losing my place every couple of minutes.  I’d then struggle to find where i was on the page – the words just seemed to merge into one. Then worst of all, i’d get to the bottom of the page and forget what i’d read.  This was so disheartening, I knew I was enjoying the content but couldn’t remember exactly what happened.  It would often take me an hour to  re-read a page to fully understand and retain the information.

My passion for books grew and grew. Every workshop i attended I  asked my sponsor for recommendations. I think she started to understand the books I liked to read – purely from my excitement level when talking about them. (yeah I know…me excited about a book..incredible)

During my first year once introduced to personal development  I read – 28 books.  I was so proud of myself, it was more than TRIPLE the amount of books i’d ever read in my entire life!

I’d found a neat little trick (all you book lovers please move to the next paragraph now) I highlighted words and sentences of relevance, little memory joggers.  This helped me retain the information and I could scan the page to better understand what I’d just read.  A really neat trick but I often got accused of defacing  books, so I stopped lending them out to people. 

reluctant readerDuring my first year of personal development, I read a book which has totally changed my entire life. This book is Escape to Prosperity by Wes Beavis

 Such a fun book to read – This is a book about money principles.  Wes Beavis talks about paying off your mortgage, making tax-paying more pleasant, and the cost of owning a car. He also talks about getting out of debt. But most of all, he talks about how to go about these things, in a really easy , achievable way.

 After reading this book, I set about building a visual goal board and my long term goal was to pay off my HUGE mortgage.  As a struggling single mum at the time – friends and family viewed my new ‘optimistic outlook’ as completely delusional.  They just could not see how I could do it – but my mind was made up.  

For the first time in my life I had a clear goal of what I wanted to achieve.  I could visualise it, i’d been shown how to do it, I could see how it would change my  life – I was on a mission and no one was going to stop me.

5 years later – the mortgage was paid and I went on to buy a house for £350,000 CASH. (2007)