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Klife has launched a brand new online shop where customers can order KLife products online and get them delivered direct to their door. This will allows KLife customers who are not currently getting a KLife catalogue to still order their KLife products. Direct to their home. So… to order Klife products direct from the Klife shop and get them delivered

to your door… Please visit my online KLife shop at this web address www.Klife.co.uk/DebbieGee  you’ll be able to browse the current Klife products and place your order. All payments are taken on the Klife shop site and a small postage charge is applied if your order is under £50. I would just like to take this opportunity to personally thank you
for shopping with me  www.Klife.co.uk/DebbieGee 

Klife Personalised Catalogue

Order Klife Products Online