Moving home didn’t stop me – Paul Tonkin

Paul Tonkin

Paul moved 400 miles and became a top retailer!
Having to start again, after I moved to Guernsey to be with the love of my life. I needed an income straight away. 

I`d been in this position before, so I knew what to do. I put my books out, left them for 48 hours, then collected them back in. 

I do this Monday to Friday every week. The income this gives me, means I don`t have to look for a job, or work for anyone else and make them rich. 

I am also concentrating on the team building side of the business, showing everyone I know my recent cheques. 

This business is fantastic, where-else could you earn this type of money, just for putting out some catalogues. Or get two payments in the same month.

Paul Tonkin