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Welcome to Klife.

We have the latest edition of our KLife range packed full of innovative ideas from home and garden to  fashion and beauty.  Add some glamour and depth to your home with our new collections.  From contemporary to traditional, we have some great ranges to help you create a cosy, inviting feel this season.  Then sprice up your own look with our fashion, jewllery and beauty lines.

We haven’t forgotten Christmas with Klife either!  We’ve got gifts galore with everything you need to help you see in the festive season in style.  We’ve got it covered!

Klife Personlaised.

Klife is a great way to give a gift which is special and shows the personal you’ve thought about them

If you want to show them how much you care, choose a personalised gift. What could mean more than a keepsake which has been printed with the actual name of the recipient and a unique message?

Our customisable gifts are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and retirement and a whole range of other life events. These mementos will be treasured for years after the occasion they were given to commemorate!order please contact me

Thinking of joining our opportunity as  a distributor and want to earn money?

Contact me today to find out more on 07782 345 935


reluctant reader

The Reluctant Reader

Reading was never something I was interested in while attending school. Nor was it something I thought I would ever do again and most certainly not through choice.

The reason – I was hiding a deep dark secret and had managed to hide it throughout my school years. (wouldn’t happen now, Schools would pick up on my problem)… Dyslexia.

So, you can imagine when my sponsor suggested that I should read books to help me grow my business, I was embarrassed and very dismissive. I went through the motions, bought the books off the display table and sneaked back to my seat. Hiding at the back of the room I listened quietly to the next few hours training.

One day, after talking to my upline on the phone – he asked if I’d read the books that i’d bought at the workshop.  I think he picked up on my awkwardness and went on to explain how books had changed his life.  He explained, books were the main reason they’d been able to build such a huge Kleeneze business and an income of £8,000 a month (since increased)

I have to be honest I was impressed. My initial thoughts were that it was OK for him – he had all the charm and charisma.  I didn’t and that would be my downfall.  As we continued talking he then went on the explain he too didn’t have a huge amount of confidence when he first started the business, it grows as you develop.  He explained that the quicker I put my time and effort into personal development, the sooner i’d see the results.

Whether true or not,  I felt better and more determined to make a difference.  I came off the phone feeling energised, I knew I had a fantastic work ethic, I could do anything if I put my mind to it. I wanted a residual income, even if it mean’t reading books – something i’ve avoided doing since primary school.

I started to read MLM Magic – How an ordinary person can build an EXTRA – ordinary networking business from scratch by Venus Andrecht.  Venus explains you that you can do it, if you have the passion and the heart. (I had bundles of that)   So….This is where my reading journey began.

Slow and steady I started reading more and more. Having  dyslexia  can often hinder your reading. Mine was losing my place every couple of minutes.  I’d then struggle to find where i was on the page – the words just seemed to merge into one. Then worst of all, i’d get to the bottom of the page and forget what i’d read.  This was so disheartening, I knew I was enjoying the content but couldn’t remember exactly what happened.  It would often take me an hour to  re-read a page to fully understand and retain the information.

My passion for books grew and grew. Every workshop i attended I  asked my sponsor for recommendations. I think she started to understand the books I liked to read – purely from my excitement level when talking about them. (yeah I know…me excited about a book..incredible)

During my first year once introduced to personal development  I read – 28 books.  I was so proud of myself, it was more than TRIPLE the amount of books i’d ever read in my entire life!

I’d found a neat little trick (all you book lovers please move to the next paragraph now) I highlighted words and sentences of relevance, little memory joggers.  This helped me retain the information and I could scan the page to better understand what I’d just read.  A really neat trick but I often got accused of defacing  books, so I stopped lending them out to people. 

reluctant readerDuring my first year of personal development, I read a book which has totally changed my entire life. This book is Escape to Prosperity by Wes Beavis

 Such a fun book to read – This is a book about money principles.  Wes Beavis talks about paying off your mortgage, making tax-paying more pleasant, and the cost of owning a car. He also talks about getting out of debt. But most of all, he talks about how to go about these things, in a really easy , achievable way.

 After reading this book, I set about building a visual goal board and my long term goal was to pay off my HUGE mortgage.  As a struggling single mum at the time – friends and family viewed my new ‘optimistic outlook’ as completely delusional.  They just could not see how I could do it – but my mind was made up.  

For the first time in my life I had a clear goal of what I wanted to achieve.  I could visualise it, i’d been shown how to do it, I could see how it would change my  life – I was on a mission and no one was going to stop me.

5 years later – the mortgage was paid and I went on to buy a house for £350,000 CASH. (2007)

Klife catalogue 2017

Klife Catalogue 2017

Klife Catalogue 2017

Look and feel your best without breaking the bank. Our high quality Klife catalogue 2017 range, is all about  trendsetting products.  From our Klife health and beauty range to clothing and fabulous collections. We offer everything from sumptuous bedding and luxury soft furnishings to heavenly fragrances and essential homewares all at unexpectedly affordable prices.

Klife For the home – new product range in our Klife Catalogue 2017

A house isn’t a home until you put your personal stamp on it, so dive into our very latest Klife catalogue and spoil yourself.

Klife Online

Have a sneak preview of the products in the Klife range by watching the video below. Alternatively view products in 148 page online Klife catalogue here.

Klife catalogue 2017

…Klife Women

Affordable ladies fashion for every occasion. Shop now for the latest styles of coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, cardigans, underwear, jewellery and much more.

Whether you’re looking for a new casual look. An outfit to wow on a night out. Or a coat to help you stand out from the crowd, we have something for everyone and all at amazing value prices.

Klife personalised

Looking for something special for someone special? Look no further than our exclusive range of gift ideas. With something for every occasion and every budget, you’re sure to find the perfect present!

Klife Distributor

If you love our range of Klife products then I’m sure others will too.  Why not become a Klife distributor today selling our fabulous range of trendsetting products. Easy to sell online and our glossy Klife catalogue goes down well with friends and family.  Let the catalogue do all the work for you.  You’ll find people calling you to order!

Thinking about it, why not make money doing something you’ll love. Working based from home showing other people yourvery own product range. Find out more here

Klite 10 Programme, why not lighten up in 2017

Klite 10 Programme

It will come as no surprise that the number one New Year’s Resolution throughout the country is to lose weight. Klite 10 ProgrammeAfter an indulgent festive season. We can all be wracked with a little guilt and make that vow to live a little healthier from now on. However, most of the resolutions last only a matter of weeks. So how can we buck the trend? You can do that with our Klite 10 Programme, please read on.

New You

Much like anything, the faster you see results, the more motivated you are to keep on going. Which is the beauty of K Life’s new K Lite 10 programme. K Lite 10 is a 10 day detox and weight loss pack that provides you with that initial boost you need to transform your body. Notices a change in looks and feel more energised by following the simple 10 day programme. The pack contains meal replacements, which are clinically proven to contribute to weight loss. Capsules to aid weight loss. A KCleanse Juice, 3 health supplements. A FREE KLife shaker making it easy for when you’re on the go.

Klite 10 Programme

10 day plan gives you the kick-start you need, working because it’s easy to follow and a short time to maintain. Once you see the results coming so quickly, it will give you that boost to carry on with healthy eating. To help you, and your customers, out even more. We’ve created an online Facebook support group where you can swap tips, get motivation and ask questions to those who’ve already completed the plan. 10 days to change the way you feel and kick start your transformation! KLITE 10 HERE

Come along and join my Klite 10 Porgramme. Facebook Page here, ask questions and feel free to add your story.

Klite 10 Programme Video

Kleeneze Work From Home Business – Join Kleeneze

Kleeneze work from home businessKleeneze Work From home business is the fastest growing network within the JRJR networks; it knocks the socks off all other opportunities for the best compensation plan in the industry.

Kleeneze work from home business is a network marketing opportunity

This enables ordinary people to earn extra ordinary incomes.  They do this by building networks. People who also would like to earn money from advertising sought our products via the internet and/or a brochure.  Customers buy the products and distributors earn retail commissions on everything they sell. The customer has an opportunity to become a distributor too if they wish, which not only gives them the opportunity to purchase products at a discount but also earn commissions on everything they sell to other people.

Kleeneze work from home business pay big bonuses

Kleeneze pay bonuses depending on the volume sold, the more volume the more income.  When you introduce people to into your team, their sales turnover adds to yours and Kleeneze pay you a bonus depending on your level of volume achieved.  This can run into many thousands of pounds every month, of course this does depend on how many in your team and how much everyone sells, but it’s an incredibly easy to get earning money.

Our products are often searched by customers on google and other search engines,  this is why it is really important to join the right team leader.  You need to position yourself for success right from the start.  Having worked online, using social media, recruiting and sell products for over 10 years. My team have been set up with tools to help them work their businesses online and offline.  Success in the early days is crucial, you see the business working and it helps build belief that this really can work for you too.

Initially I built my Kleeneze work from home business using our Kleeneze catalogue system. I’ve now been in the business 16 years. Over the last 10 years have been using the power of social media to sell products and recruit new distributors.  I will show you how to successfully build your own Kleeneze work from home business using either method. That would be Online or using our Kleeneze catalogue or brochure method.

Interested to find out more about the Kleeneze work from home business?

Register your interest here: CLICK HERE

I look forward to talking to you.

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Klife Catalogue Autumn Winter 2016

Klife Catalogue Autumn Winter 2016

Introducing our new and up to date version of the KLife popular product range.  Have a quick preview of all the products in the Klife Catalogue Autumn Winter 2016 collection.

Get ready to open a whole new world to our latest collections for you and your home.  Discover on trend jewellery at amazing prices and our new ‘made in Italy’ leather handbags., and beautiful designed clothing.  We love the home decor collection, as well as our biggest bedding range yet, featuring gorgeous new designs and quirly favourites.

If you feel it’s time for renewal – you must check out our wellbeing range, a unique selection of products to help you look and feel good too!

From revamping your home to revamping your look, we are confident you’ll love our products and our prices even more.  ENJOY the preview video below.

Klife catalogue Autumn Winter 2016 Video

Klife catalogue autumn winter 2016