Klife Personalised Product Catalogue

The new Klife Personalised catalogue is 36 pages packed full of original, hard-to-find gift ideas to inspire your customers. We have over 60 brand new items, including an expanded childrenā€™s section and even more unique items for your home.

The early results from our latest K Life catalogue have been staggering, so we know that this brand is reaching out to even more customers than before and the Personalised catalogue will be yet another invaluable tool to add to your retail offering.

KlifeĀ Personalised Catalogue

Klife Personalised Catalogue
















Klife Personalised

Klife is a great way to give a gift which is special and shows the personal you’ve thought about them

If you want to show them how much you care, choose a personalised gift. What could mean more than a keepsake which has been printed with the actual name of the recipient and a unique message?

Our customisable gifts are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and retirement and a whole range of other life events. These mementos will be treasured for years after the occasion they were given to commemorate!order please contact me


Debbie Gee on 07782 345 935