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Kleeneze Ram Sylvia Laing

Kleeneze Ram Sylvia Laing read thier story here

Army veteran quadruples earnings and changes lifeKleeneze Ram Sylvia Laing

Kleeneze Ram Sylvia Laing are distributors.  Being pensioned out of the army with shattered legs turned out to be a lucky break for dad Ram Laing . His life has been transformed thanks to this unique network marketing opportunity.

Following an accident while on duty. Ram a £13,000 per year corporal. Father- of-two Ram was unable to carry out his duties and was discharged after 13 years on a pension of just £400 a month.

He returned home and started to look for another job. As soon as employers heard he would need to spend additional time in hospital to repair his damaged legs. They were unwilling to employ him anymore and he was in a bit of a predicament.

Ram heard that he could earn an extra income with Kleeneze. Thinking this might be the lifeline he was after, he called the number.

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Kleeneze Ram Sylvia Laing

Says Ramon: “The guy came to see us, explained what Kleeneze was all about, and we were up and running in 72 hours. Initially we were looking to earn £2,400 a month in our spare time — within six months we had way surpassed that.”

Six years on and he, along with wife Sylvia, earns £56,000 a year, lives in a beautiful four bedroom house, and more importantly has the time to spend with his family.

He says: “I missed out on so much of the children growing up when I was in the army. Thanks to Kleeneze, I’ve been able to go to every school play and every sports day — often when I was the only dad there.”

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Kleeneze Rob Forster

From CCJs and a council house to a dream income for life Kleeneze Rob Forster

Kleeneze Rob Forster – With seven CCJs against him, £43,000 in debt and living in a council house. Former shipyard blacksmith Rob Forster from Sheffield was living hand to mouth following the fallout from his divorce.


Kleeneze rob forsterRob supplimented his income

So when a friend mentioned he could supplement his income by joining network marketing company Kleeneze. He was willing to give it a go.  Within a month he had turned over £10,000, and within the year his debts were cleared.

Now Rob and his partner are among Kleeneze’s top distributors, earning £350,000 a year. They driving a Lamborghini and qualifying for countless overseas trips. During his best ever month he has turned over
£1 .6million.

Rob needed to do something about his situation

“When Kleeneze was first mentioned to me I was at a point when I had to do something. My financial situation was desperate and I just couldn’t survive on my salary and begin to pay off my debts.  “Stunned by how quickly it took off. I went to Gold level distributor within a month and started to pay off my debts in chunks — the council tax arrears were the first to gol

“During my first month with Kleeneze my turnover was £10,074.  During my best ever month my turnover was £1 .6million it literally transformed my life. I still work hard, but now it’s by choice.”

Kleeneze Incentive for 2017 is the International Conference in Mexico

Kleeneze Incentive – MEXICO

It’s absolutely fabulous, I just had to share with you all I’ve just had the call from Michael Khatkar saying “G’ster you’ve qualified for Mexico” (kleeneze incentive)

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Kleeneze Incentive

Mexico is on the  Kleeneze incentive programme for 2017.  Fabulous, 5 stars and soaked in luxury. I’m so excited!

Chocolate, Chihuahuas and chillies,  what’s NOT to like about Mexico?   If none of those tickle my  fancy, then i’ve got sugary white sands. Calm crystal turquoise water, dazzling sunshine and unlimited luxury!

As unveiled at the Kleeneze New Year Showcase. The Destination for 2017 (Kleeneze incentive) is Mexico.   Officially called the United Mexican States. There are many reasons that this incredible country is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Of course, we’re not going to visit it like anyone else, though – we’re doing it Kleeneze style!

I’ll be staying in what I believe one of the best resorts in Mexico. Secrets Akumal is at the heart of the Riviera Maya. I’ll be staying in a luxury guest suite with a private terrace or balcony, en-suite Jacuzzi and complimentary mini bar.

Kleeneze Incentive – Mexico

Kleeneze IncentiveIf I can drag myself away from all of that, there are also three sparkling pools. A white sandy beach, open-air theatre and eight gourmet restaurants awaits me.

That should be plenty to reenergise me. I’ll also have the opportunity to take part in one of the many adventures, from – windsurfing, snorkelling, sailing or even Euro-bungee!

Or if I prefer to keep my feet on dry land, there’s Yoga, cocktail classes and even dance lessons to keep you entertained!

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Weird & wonderful facts about Mexico!

It has a tiny volcano It has the world’s smallest volcano – Cuexcomate. Measuring just 43 feet, it technically is a geyser and it’s extinct. Which is just as well as they’ve built metal spiral staircase that allows tourists to descend into the excavated interior of the structure. It’s sinking. Not the whole country – just Mexico City (not that this is much better).

The City was built thousands of years ago on a lake and, as a result, it sinks almost 10 inches per year!  They’re a bit particular about the National Anthem. They mean business when it comes to the Mexican National Anthem. There are many law articles that cite how you should properly perform and honour the national anthem. If you go against this, you could find yourself slapped with a hefty fine and having to apologise. A lot.

The history of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate wasn’t just a treat after sledding in Mexico (not entirely sure how much sledding would have taken place anyway). The creamy drink originated from this country. One of the original Aztec leaders, Montezuma II, kept a huge storehouse of cacao and guzzled 50 golden goblets of chocolate a day,  for health reasons, you understand. No one of Mexican origin drinks tequila like Michael Khatkar In Mexico.  The most traditional way to drink tequila is neat, without lime and salt. It is popular in some regions to drink fine tequila with a side of Sangrita – a sweet, sour and spicy drink made from orange juice, grenadine and hot chiles.

Kleeneze Training from around the network


Kleeneze training from Lorraine. All of us come into this business with some sort of goal/ target of what we want to achieve. For us it was simply to earn £50 a month to be able to by new shoes for our two children. It doesn’t matter how big or small your goal is – it needs to be personal to you and have emotion attached to it. Most people’s goals in the early days are monetary ones – but it is what you want to use that money for, and how it is going to change your life that will be your driver in this business. Remember, your goals will gradually change over time, so it is important to revisit them often. Have your goals in your face with pictures/vision boards etc. Let them become part of your sub-conscious, and put a date on when you want to achieve them by. You will then start to attract your goals into your life and set a path to start to achieve them.


All the most successful business models in the world have a proven system. We are no different. By having a system to follow, it means people from all walks of life can learn this business. It is really important to forget what you knew previous to joining Kleeneze and just follow the system without asking questions. It’s about having blind faith in it and that if you follow it precisely you WILL be successful. To me it’s a bit like following a recipe; you need to follow the method, otherwise, if you change the order of it your end result won’t be what you want it to be!


Always remember we are in the “attraction” business. We attract like for like with what we do and the energy we give off. Therefore, it is really important to be the type of distributor you want to attract into your business. Be honest with yourself and reflective of your own practise. Ask yourself these questions: Do I have a good work ethic?

Kleeneze Training

Am I positive? Am I reliable? Do I listen to my successful Upline? Am I teachable? Am I taking the required action I need to take to fulfil my goals? Is everything I’m doing in the business duplicable? Regardless of our skill-set in life, everything we do in this business is learnable. Just learn to become the person you want to sponsor. Sometimes this may actually be a case of unlearning our bad habits from the past and creating new productive ones.


Wherever we are in life, and whatever we’ve been through, we all need to become a student of this business. Would you start a new career path without going through an induction period of training for your new role? Well, Kleeneze is no different. Speak to your Upline who will be able to advise you on a personal development plan to suit your individual needs. It’s not just about reading books on the industry; it’s about learning people skills, and most importantly – learning about yourself. We all have areas in our lives that we need to give attention to. Mostly it’s these areas in our lives that if left alone will hold us back from fulfilling our full potential. Mine, was dealing with the bereavement of my mother at a young age, and overcoming my weight issue from years of comfort eating to hide my emotions. What’s yours? What’s holding you back from being the best you can be? It could be anxiety, fear, time-management, or personal skills with talking to new people. All areas of your life can be improved by embracing continual personal development.


There is a great saying – “If you’re feeling DOWN then you need the event; but if you’re feeling UP then the event needs you!” I can’t stress enough the importance of attending events. Whether it’s your local BOM, a team sizzle or a Kleeneze Showcase in Birmingham – they are all important to get along to. It is so easy to put off attending something because collecting your catalogues at that point takes priority. Ask yourself – if you were working for a boss and you were told that if you attended a training event, you could have £200 a month pay increase – would you attend? So, why not value the

Kleeneze Abigail colclough – Meet the distributors

Meet the people that took control of their lives

Kleeneze Abigail Colclough

People from all over the UK and Ireland have taken the decision to take control of their lives. They changed their mind-set from that of an employee to making their own success and the results speak for themselves. Take a look at kleeneze Abigail Colclough story below.

Single mum trades in demanding job for family time.

Kleeneze Abigail Colclough

After discovering that she could match her job wage working part-time hours and spend more time with her young son, Abigail Colclough decided to make a life-changing decision.

Single mother, Abigail loved her job working for a European careers service and wasn’t really looking for a change in career or extra income. However, after stumbling upon the Kleeneze opportunity while looking for something for a friend, she decided to give it a go in her spare time to see if it actually worked.

Said Abigail: “Thank goodness I did try it. Within nine months I was earning over £1,000 a month alongside my full time job and had also qualified for a free trip to Monte Carlo. Not long after that, I decided to leave my job to concentrate on being a mum. As my own boss, able to choose which hours I worked, it was perfect.”

More than one in eight people are working over 48 hours a week, and while commute times and travel costs continue to spiral, stress levels are soaring across the board. One demographic that is struggling more than most with these growing demands is single parents, as they are being forced to choose between spending time with their children and providing for them financially.

“It’s fantastic that I didn’t have to make a choice between being with my son and earning a good living. I now earn in the region of £5,000 every four weeks and I’m working on building my business to provide both me and my son financial security for life.”