Kleeneze Rob Forster

From CCJs and a council house to a dream income for life Kleeneze Rob Forster

Kleeneze Rob Forster – With seven CCJs against him, £43,000 in debt and living in a council house. Former shipyard blacksmith Rob Forster from Sheffield was living hand to mouth following the fallout from his divorce.


Kleeneze rob forsterRob supplimented his income

So when a friend mentioned he could supplement his income by joining network marketing company Kleeneze. He was willing to give it a go.  Within a month he had turned over £10,000, and within the year his debts were cleared.

Now Rob and his partner are among Kleeneze’s top distributors, earning £350,000 a year. They driving a Lamborghini and qualifying for countless overseas trips. During his best ever month he has turned over
£1 .6million.

Rob needed to do something about his situation

“When Kleeneze was first mentioned to me I was at a point when I had to do something. My financial situation was desperate and I just couldn’t survive on my salary and begin to pay off my debts.  “Stunned by how quickly it took off. I went to Gold level distributor within a month and started to pay off my debts in chunks — the council tax arrears were the first to gol

“During my first month with Kleeneze my turnover was £10,074.  During my best ever month my turnover was £1 .6million it literally transformed my life. I still work hard, but now it’s by choice.”