Kleeneze Products anti mould spray

Kleeneze Products Anti Mould, Mildew Spray

Kleeneze Products Anti Mould & Mildew Spray

Kleeneze products Anti Mould & Mildrew is bleach free. It will remove mould and mildrew with ease preventing regrowth.  £6.50

Kleeneze Products anti mould spray

I had aluminium windows in my bungalow and with all the condensation, it didnt take long for my windows to start getting really mouldy.  Having asthma, it’s not good to have mould spores hanging around. I tried every product I could find on the market. Yes, they removed the mould temporarily but it was never long term. Within weeks the mould would come back again.  PURCHASE HERE


Where to use Kleeneze Products Anti Mould & Mildew Spray

  1. You can use this mould spray in bathrooms, Kitchens and on windows.
  2. I personally used the Kleeneze anti mould spray on my wall and ceiling to prevent mould coming through the paint work. (So far so good) It’s been 2 months now.
  3. Conservatories – again, I have used this in my conservartory. Inside and out with excellent results.
  4. Garden chairs and tables.