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The Kleeneze product range is comprehensive from gardening to gadgets, Christmas gifts to beauty products; the Kleeneze catalogues have it all. With over 1,700 carefully selected products, to choose from.

Kleeneze is the largest home shopping Network Company in Europe and has great purchasing power when it comes to new selecting new products. All Kleeneze products that are added to the catalogues are very carefully selected and priced not only to sell, We have a specialist team of Kleeneze buyers who travel worldwide to secure the very best products for the catalogues and products sold through our online shop. We have consumables, which brings the Kleeneze distributor monthly repeat business. All our products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee so if they are not 100% satisfied, they can have a full refund.

The Kleeneze Catalogues
Each year Kleeneze produces three or four main catalogues as well as a selection of smaller, supplementary catalogues. These Kleeneze catalogues are called, Specialogues, these smaller catalogues are seasonal and provide excellent value Kleeneze products to all our new and existing customers. Contact Debbie Gee
07782 345 935