Kleeneze Prize Draw Mini Winner – 2010 (Heather and James)

Kleeneze Prize Draw Mini Winner - 2010 (Heather and James)

The conference on the weekend was fantastic … For us, the best bit was definitely when one of our new Golds won the mini!!!!! 

Annette was a VERY worthy winner. She has worked really, really hard this year (alongside her VERY demanding job as a GP) & she qualified as Gold in Period 7 with 19 people in her team!! 
Here’s Annette’s testimonial which I thought you may be interested to put out to the team:
” I started my Kleeneze business in July 2008 after being “worked on” for 4 months by my daughter and attending the Summer Showcase with her.  At that time I had been a full-time GP for 30yrs.  

We had opened a 2nd surgery 6yrs earlier and had increased our list size quite rapidly without increasing our medical manpower and I was finding it difficult to cope with the workload.    

Looking at how pressurised my life was becoming, I’m sure most people would think that I must have been mad to even think about taking on another commitment and I was sceptical about what my daughter was telling me about the Kleeneze opportunity. 

I was thinking about becoming a member of her team to try to help her & also wondering if I could last out in the practice, until I was 60 & eligible for my full pension, so I went along to the Showcase to see what it was all about for myself.  

I came away convinced that it was a real opportunity and that there was also a chance that it could provide me with some choice over how long / how much I remained involved in the practice – so I took the plunge & signed up!

I obviously had very limited time available but found that once I had overcome the initial nerves/self consciousness about putting the catalogues out on my own that I really enjoyed it.  The exercise, thinking time and the opportunity to deal with people on a different footing was very nice. 

My retail has been worked around a very busy schedule and has made steady progress.  In just under a year from starting out, I got my first team member from a ‘Wanted’ flyer & really caught the bug!  I got so excited I was talking to everyone about what I was doing and within another couple of months had a team of 5.  

I have now just reduced my involvement in the practice to working 3 days/week and have every intention of making 2010 the year that my Kleeneze business really takes off!”