Kleeneze Option

Traditional Employment

In traditional employment the average person often earns £10,000 by the age of 20, if fairly successful,£30,000 p.a. by the age of 35. From then on they can normally expect nothing more than annual increments in line with inflation. At retirement, most people generally receive 1/3 of their salary roughly the same as they were earning at the age of 20 !. This is known as the employment trap.

Traditional Franchising

The fastest grow phase for this type of operation in the UK was the early 1980’s. However, traditional franchise operations may cost anything from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of pounds. This kind of investment can be a huge gamble which may even put your home at risk. Franchising also offers restricted growth, as areas are usually designated.

The Kleeneze Option.

In today’s society a secure income, a job for life may no longer be available from conventional employment. If you have suffered redundancy and particularly if you are over 40, you may know how difficult this can be. Most people will admit to being dissatisfied with their level of income, especially in relation to the free time they enjoy. The current trend of working form home ( around 3 million at present), part time working and job sharing, is an indication of how many people wish to escape the employment trap. There are now more part time than full time jobs in the UK and this can mean a reduction in income for many people
So why allow an employer to hold you ransom because you receive a wage from them, make the shift get in control of your life and allow your decisions dictate where your life will take you
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