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Kleeneze Online(Kleeneze Online) Kleeneze was established in 1923 and has been trading successfully using the brochure method for over 50 years. They are the largest home shopping network in the Europe, hence they have massive purchasing power.  During 2014, they introduced the Klife products. Their popularity has been unprecedented ever since. The products are stylish and contemporary on-trend, that sell well online. Like to get started? CLICK HERE

Kleeneze Online Catalogues

We have numerous catalogues where you simply select products of your choice and promote through social media or other online platforms.  It’s a really simply and easy way of finding customers in your local area.

Kleeneze Online White Label Websites

Once a distributor  have completed their 30 day trial period.  They are able to apply for a White Label website.  This means you are able to brand your own business. Meaning you can promote your online store under another name and not use the branding, Kleeneze and Klife.  When you decide to join my team I will give you exclusive training on how to brand your business and promote your products online.

We have a number of catalogues where you can select products of your choice to sell in Kleeneze online. CLICK HERE to browse some of our products.

Please watch the videos below to view more information regarding our business. Please contact me to go through to the next stage. Debbie Gee 07782 345 935

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