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Kleeneze Klife Online business

Jennifer Synnott

As we close off Period 13 of 2015, I find myself reflecting on what has truly been an eventful first year with my Kleeneze business.  It is hard to believe what has been achieved in such a short time. I am based in Dublin and work full time as a PA.

I joined in January 2015 to pay off some Christmas and Credit Card debt. I did not really know anything about the business or what was involved, but I really liked the idea of selling online as I shop online and thought it would be nice to have my own online shop. I’d hardly ever used social media and my Facebook account was only ever logged into once a year. The idea of building an online business was really exciting and as a complete novice, I plugged into #TheSocialSellingSystem.

So with no expectation at all, I sat down and watched Debbie Gee’s videos of how to sell on Facebook, it was so easy to follow, I set up my group and page and was quite shocked to get my first sale in the first few hours of opening. From that moment I was hooked and I decided to give this business my all for a year to see what would happen.

It was not until I attended the Birmingham Conference in May that I seriously considered team building and made it my goal to go for Gold in 2015.

I went Gold Distributor in Period 9, Senior in Period 10 and Bronze in Period 12. As we close this period off, the team progress has also been staggering.  My business turns over £75,000 every 4 weeks!

As I reflect on this year with my online business, I think if we did this in 2015, what will next year hold. The best advice I can give is to give it your all, work it daily and support your team and who knows what is possible!

Klife Amazing Online business

Superstars joined the business:

Sandra Masterson:  Gold Distributor Period 10,  Senior Distributor Period 11,   Bronze Executive Distributor Period 12.

Kerry Connolly – Gold Distributor Period 11 and Senior Distributor Period 12

Kelly Nash Gold Period 12

Tina Porter Gold Period 12 and Senior Distributor Period 13

Sonja Walsh Gold Distributor Period 12

Emma Cronin Gold Distributor Period 12