Kleeneze Information

                                                                                                                                                                ‘Kleeneze Distributors required’ newspaper advert having a more positive reaction.”  “Debbie Gee - Kleeneze DsitributorWhat a breath of fresh air it is to talk to our prospects on the phone now,” agreed Silver Executive Distributor, Debbie Gee. “The Kleeneze adverts are certainly working their stuff! Since the advert has aired, we have had dramatic changes to the response from our advertising. Not only is there more brand awareness but it has been a great talking point with people. In the past my adverts were general about earning an extra income. I did not advertise that it was Kleeneze for fear of people pre-judging the business without really knowing all about it’s potential. Now that has completely changed. Proudly placed at the top of all our adverts is the Kleeneze name. The quality of the leads is so much better than before. We have basically filtered out the time wasters. Keep up the great advertising – Kleeneze really is becoming a trusted household name.”