Kleeneze Incentives

Incentives recognition

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a famous star? To walk out on stage in front of thousands of cheering fans and knowing that you have worked really hard to achieve this moment? With Kleeneze, that particular goal can be a reality.
In this business, you will be recognised for your achievements every step of the way from pins, certificates, cars, cheques and foreign cars to, for many, the ultimate – taking to the stage in front of over 5,000 Distributors at the NIA in Birmingham.
“For me, the highlight of the Showcase is the recognition we give to Kleeneze stars that have moved up the Sales Plan,” says Managing Director, Jamie Stewart, who, along with CEO of Kleeneze Patrick Jolly, takes to the stage during the ceremony. “Showcase recognition gives me the opportunity to personally congratulate Distributors on their achievements. I look forward to meeting many more of you at the up-coming Showcases.”
If you’ve yet to take to the Kleeneze stage or cheer on your fellow team members, it may be hard to understand why recognition is so important to so many. However, for those who have come from ‘stereotypical’ workplaces, think about all the times you were thanked for your efforts, rewarded in front of the whole company and generally made to feel like royalty!
“There are many reasons that people join Kleeneze, but we stand proud that recognition is one of them,” states Head of Network Development for Kleeneze, Michael Khatkar. “The feeling of going up on the stage is without doubt one that you’d be hard-pressed to find in any other business and we shouldn’t underestimate that people just don’t have these experiences; quite simply, no other arena is there such amazing acknowledgement.”