Kleeneze Home Shopping Company introduces Klife!


Nearly a hundred years old!

Kleeneze home shopping, held a spectacular event at the New Year Showcase 2015.  It has started the beginning of something truly magnificent.   The future of our kleeneze home shopping business and network,  is looking very exciting.

We are now the only network marketing company in the world to offer an online department store. Kleeneze home shopping company boasts a 196 page K-Life catalogue. Most noteworthy, Klife is so innovative. Also, for a network marketing company to do this for their network, is exciting.   Klife’s reputation will be build on, big brands at low prices. This is what todays market is really after.

Kleeneze home shopping and klife

Kleeneze home shopping

KLife will compliment our current Kleeneze home shopping catalogue and Kleeneze’s online shop.  With kleeneze’s trading history and expertise with home shopping, KLife is hitting the ground running on all of the Social Media platforms including Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and tumblr.  KLife really has targeted the Social Selling market for 2015 with expert attention to detail. Furthermore, Kleeneze has a great reputation and an already established network of entrepreneurs. Meaning, KLife will certainly be an income opportunity to look out for this year.

Ground Floor opportunity

This is a ground floor opportunity for the right people. I have been a networker with the company for 13 years and am more excited now than ever before.  My business turns over in excess of £450,000 a year and I know with the introduction of the new KLife products it will far exceed this by the end of the 2015.

I am looking for serious entrepreneurs and or people who like to market online, maybe already working with successful companies like Google, Amazon, Ebay or Shopify – please get in touch with me.  There is an excellent opportunity just waiting for you.


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