Kleeneze Executive Distributor Challenge Cup Period 1

_25J9630Awarded for outstanding executive group sales.

Current Holders

Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard

Open to all Executive Distributorships or above at the commencement of the sales year.

  1. Awarded to the Executive Distributorship which achieves the highest percentage increase in Total Group Sales over the previous sales year.
  2. For comparison purposes a minimum base target of 3 x 24% (7,500 BP) in any period or the previous years sales, which ever is the greater will appy.
  3. Executive Bonus must be qualified for in at least 6 out of 13 Sales Periods.
  4. Winning Distributors will qualify for the Autumn Destination

Executive Distributor Cup

View the latest Executive Distributor Cup reports below:

Period 1 data

Derrick &   Maria Longwright-7.86
Kevin Rider & Caroline Gledhill-8.37
John & Wendy English-10.2
Abigail Colclough-11.1
Michael & Sandra Laydon-13.6
James Curtis-15.2
Karen & Neil Young-15.3
Robert & Mary Higgins-15.3
Alison & Michael Ogden-15.5
Martin Gardner & Allison Butterworth-15.8
Michelle Kennedy-15.8
Helen & Paul Allgood-15.9
Debbie Gee & David White-16.3
Andrew & Carolyn Walkinshaw-17
Gary & Esther Watson-17.2
Paul Tawn & Clare Bason-17.3
Sunil Popat-17.3
Glenn & Caroline Royston-17.3
Tracy & David Sheehan-18.4
Martin Bell & Caroline Roberts-18.5
Christopher & Louise Brown-19.1
Claire & Peter Rea-19.5
Stephen Bourne & Anne Binks-19.7
Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard-19.9
Amanda & Andrew Holland-20.2
David & Rosie Bibby-20.2
Richard Houseago & Vanadis Fox-20.3
Sylvia & Ramon Laing-20.3
Belinda & Peter Clarke-20.4
Sue & Geoffrey Burras-20.7