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Kleeneze distributorKleeneze Debbie Gee. Having a home in desperate need of renovation and a very large mortgage. I decided it was time to earn some extra money to help with the renovations on a property. I’d just stretched myself to the limited and had invested every penny I had in this property. However, not for one second did I think my initial need for an extra income would lead to the lifestyle I have today.  Please read on…

How it all started – Kleeneze Debbie Gee

From the start of my business I was earning good money spare time (£750 a month) from retailing products to friends, family and people in the local area. It wasn’t until my sponsor (the person who introduced me) invited me along to a local meeting that I found out about the network marketing side of the business – team building.  In short, team building is simply recommending the business to people and helping them build their own independent business too.

Little did I know attending this meeting would completely change my life.  I watched the line up of speakers on the day and the only words I can use is that I was absolutely flabbergasted. Ordinary people were earning £2000, £4000, £8000 and even £10,000+ a MONTH!!!  All because they were running a little network marketing company called – Kleeneze.  It was absolutely incredible!  Coming away from the meeting, I realised that this was my opportunity to change my life. I had a great work ethic and so long as someone showed me what to do and i could learn at my own pace – I’d give it my all.

The retail – Kleeneze Debbie Gee

I already had utter belief and proof that Kleeneze could work for me. I earned a nice healthy profit from the start and in my first 4 weeks of business earned £745 and had continued to earn in excess of £800 a month for the last year. All very part time too.  The best part of it all was that I could still run the bsuiness around my two jobs, working with children with special needs  and running a small natural therapy and beauty business.

Kleeneze Debbie Gee

This was proof for me that you could earn money from just retailing. £745 in my first month – not bad huh?

Two feet first – Kleeneze Debbie Gee

So what happened next, even took me by surprise, full of enthusiasm, excitement I made the decision to give up my job working in a special needs school, where I taught children communications skills.  I loved this job but knew I needed to concentrate on building a good income for myself and my daughter.  I was a single mum and had to think about how i was going to pay for everything myself in the future.

With massive support from people within the Kleeneze network, a little apprehensive but  full of enthusiasm. I put plans in place, I realised i had  to  concentrate on learning the skills to develope the business.  I remember setting a 5 year goal to pay off my very large mortgage, by the age of 40.  It seemed to others a little unrealistic but I knew that if I followed the system already in place. Followed the footsteps of  other succesful Kleeneze distributors.  I could do it. One thing for sure was that I needed to have absolute focus and and determination to achieve the lifestyle I wanted.

Moving on – Kleeneze Debbie Gee

Kleeneze distributorI got busy team building first whilst learning the skills to support my new members. It was surprisingly simple and easy.   Within 9 months my income soared from £800 every month, to just over £3700 a month. I’m not saying it was easy, I’m not saying my daughter and I didnt have to make sacrifices, we did, many of them. For 5 years I put money aside to help with my renovation project on our house and put money aside to pay off the massive mortgage.  Most people would be tempted to dip into the money when things got tough. Holidays were out of the question for  5 years, not even a weekend break.  We lived on a budget and some usual luxuries were out of the question too. (even new clothes) The only way I knew I could secure our future was to have complete unwavering focus to pay off the mortgage and be living off a residual income for the rest of our lives.

kleeneze distributor

My monthly cheque more than trebled when I started team building in less than a year.





Thoughts – Kleeneze Debbie Gee

If I could outline some of the secrets to my success. It would be that Network Marketing and becoming a Kleeneze distributor has given me a stable income which has been increasing over the years to more than I could ever have earned in employment. It has been an exciting, challenging and fun journey that has been easy to stick with it. I am in total control of how much I earn, which is really incredible.  My drive and determination has come from meeting so many positive and successful people. They have been a major influence in my life and have helped me along my success path.

The day I left school was one of the happiest times for me. I struggled so much during those years and it wasnt until later in life I realised I had dyslexia which seriously impacted my education and confidence.  Something I didn’t expect with becoming a kleeneze distributor was the fantastic personal and professional development opportunities that have been presented to me. Now because of networking and team building, I am financially stable and enjoy a great life with my daughter.

kleeneze distributor

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