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Thank you for visiting my website. You will have found my page because you are looking for more information about the joining the Kleeneze business.

My name is Debbie Gee and i’ve been running my own Kleeneze businesKleeneze Businesss since 2001.  Little did I know when I first joined how it would completely transform my life. When you get a moment pop along to the my story page and have a quick read.

Take a moment to browse through my website and if you are interested in joining kleeneze,  give me a call and we can dicuss the best start up options for you.  It also gives you an opportyunity to ask questions.   Alternatively, you can CLICK HERE.

Who are Kleeneze?

Many of you may already will be aware Kleeneze was established in 1923 by Harry Crook. Thats over 90 yeards ago. Therefore they were the UK’s original home shopping company and used catalogues to place through peoples doors in the local area to move product.  In addition to using the catalogue method, we now have products  sold through various online platforms. Kleeneze is the first company to successfully combine direct selling with the powerful income potential of network marketing.  We are now the only network marketing company in the world to offer an online department store from a catalogue.

Let’s take a look at what Kleeneze can do for you?

It’s a simple work from home business that can offer you the opportunity to build your very own part or full-time income, working the hours you want.  You are based from home and can get a great additional income with the option of building a residual income.

When you join my team, all training will be provided and can be accessed from home.  You’ll have freedom to choose your own hours and you have the option of team building, which results in an unlimited residual income.  It’s quite exciting running your Kleeneze business as part of our team; we have set up many online tools to help you build your business to the income level you require.

Over the next 5 years there will be continuous expansion and that will lead to an even greater income potential.  You’ll get the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Something I have to say I really value and have made some very good friends in the business. The company have incredible performance incentives like, overseas travel, cash rewards and a spectacular car incentive.
Kleeneze are owned by JRJR Networks, they own 9 other companies of which; Kleeneze is the fastest growing network within their organisation.  JRJR Networks are in the top 80 revenue generating direct selling companies in the world.

Our massive product range

With Kleeneze’s long trading history and expertise with home shopping. They introduced a new product range called KLife.  (I personally love these products) most noteworthy, Klife products sell really well through social media platforms and online markets as a result Kleeneze have priced them  very competitively.

Having  positioned their Kleeneze and Klife products to sell well via the Internet. Paying expert attention to detail in every way. The Klife product launch was backed by 1000’s of excited entrepreneurs, just waiting to get their hands on the products to sell.  Demand has been huge and this has increased the opportunity to earn money, within the first 24h hours of joining the business.

Customers love the huge variety or products on offer. Distributors find that the 2000+ product range means they always have an item people would like to buy.  Kleeneze is not limiting like other companies unfortunately their range can be restricted to just cosmetics or health products.

How you make money

Making money with Kleeneze and Klife can be done in two different way.
By retailing the Kleeneze and Klife product.
Team building.

Your rewards will depend on your efforts, however,  profits of £500 per month are commonplace, £1,000 per month frequent, £2,000 per month attainable by anybody and £5,000+ per month if you’re really committed.

Trading Facility

When starting Kleeneze, distributors are given a trading facility. As a result it enables them to receive goods up front.  This Trading facility means they order the products from Kleeneze and pay once they have received the money from your customers. There is never any stock purchase.  Distributors are able to receive a trading facility and no credit check is done.

However, if you’d like to know more information after reading through my website just give me a quick call and I’ll be able to answer your questions. It actually took me nearly 18 months to make the decision to join Kleeneze – trust me I wish I had started straight away.  Imagine the extra money i would have earned.

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