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Meet the people that took control of their lives

Kleeneze Abigail Colclough

People from all over the UK and Ireland have taken the decision to take control of their lives. They changed their mind-set from that of an employee to making their own success and the results speak for themselves. Take a look at kleeneze Abigail Colclough story below.

Single mum trades in demanding job for family time.

Kleeneze Abigail Colclough

After discovering that she could match her job wage working part-time hours and spend more time with her young son, Abigail Colclough decided to make a life-changing decision.

Single mother, Abigail loved her job working for a European careers service and wasn’t really looking for a change in career or extra income. However, after stumbling upon the Kleeneze opportunity while looking for something for a friend, she decided to give it a go in her spare time to see if it actually worked.

Said Abigail: “Thank goodness I did try it. Within nine months I was earning over £1,000 a month alongside my full time job and had also qualified for a free trip to Monte Carlo. Not long after that, I decided to leave my job to concentrate on being a mum. As my own boss, able to choose which hours I worked, it was perfect.”

More than one in eight people are working over 48 hours a week, and while commute times and travel costs continue to spiral, stress levels are soaring across the board. One demographic that is struggling more than most with these growing demands is single parents, as they are being forced to choose between spending time with their children and providing for them financially.

“It’s fantastic that I didn’t have to make a choice between being with my son and earning a good living. I now earn in the region of £5,000 every four weeks and I’m working on building my business to provide both me and my son financial security for life.”