The Kleeneze Background

Kleeneze is a Uk marketing company started by Harry Crook in Bristol England in the year of 1923. When Mr Crook migrated to America along with his whole family he joined Fuller Brush as a salesman. He then capitalized on this type of business by returning to England and establishing a business of his own which specialized in creating brushes. He began by hiring multiple salesmen to sell the brushes door to door. He chose to hire only males because women during his time where forbidden to become saleswomen while a lot of men were fighting in the war.
In the year 1980 his company adapted a new approach, this involved the delivery of catalogues to different houses by distributors under his command. The company remained based at Hanham for 80 years until it was moved in Bristol in 2004. The company found itself on the move again in 2007 when it was acquired by Findel and move to Hynburn. The company is fully operational to this day and has continued to grow. Kleeneze has moved in the Party Plan Market launch in January 2012 and with all things Kleeneze this is Industry leading with great products, great host incentives and the back up of a respected UK PLC

What Are The Kleeneze Products?
Back in the day the company used to sell only brushes but now the company has over 1,500 products to choose from with prices ranging from a few pennies up to over 100 pounds. These products are currently classified into 8 major categories which are Kitchen, Homecare, Bath and Bed, In the Home, Car and Garden, Health and Beauty, Gifts and Seasonal, and Cabouchon.
These categories are then classified into more detail sub categories that will fit a specific need for specific are of the household such as utensil classifications for the kitchen or different cosmetic products and health products under Health and Beauty.

The Kleeneze Business Opportunity 

Kleeneze offers a start up kit for interested people for as low as 80 pounds and is divided into 3 kits. The first kit is called Business Builder 50 which costs 80 pounds, the next level is called Business Builder 200 which costs 156 pounds, and the highest level is called Business Builder 250 which will cost a person 185 pounds.Always purchase the largest kit you can afford as the more catalogues you have the quicker you get into profit this is usually achieved within your first 4 weeks

Kleeneze even offers a free starter kit for those who are either unsure or have now money. All these packages contain a Comprehensive business manual, a retailing DVD and recruitment DVD, a Kleeneze shoulder bag, all the required paperwork and stationery, rights to over 1,500 superb products, and full support and training every step of the way. The amount supplied increases along with the money you pay for initially.

Show How Do You Make Money With Kleeneze?

The Kleeneze Company Compensation Plan works in 3 ways to reward the hard work of a registered distributor. The first method of compensation is through Sales profit where 21 percent of your sales through Kleeneze catalogues become your actual profit. The next method is the Volume Bonus in which you sponsor other people into the Kleeneze opportunity. The amount varies depending on the value of your team’s orders every 4 weeks. The third and final method is the Royalty Bonus where residual income is paid to you if you achieve the Gold Distributor status.
Here you will receive a 24 percent bonus over your own sales along with the team’s sales. If a member of your team receives a royalty bonus you will receive a 4 percent bonus for each generation up to 5 generations. So in conclusion, you should work hard because the larger your team is, the better the money and the rewards. The simple fact is find 5 good people like yourself and you’ll be financially free for ever 

Kleeneze Conclusion

After reviewing this company it’s obvious that Kleeneze is a solid business opportunity for the right people who are willing to take action, work the business as the sales are out there and we all know someone who could do with earning a few extra pounds in these hard times

Interested In Getting Involved Please Contacted Me DebraGee@googlemail.com because to join you need to be signed in by a current distributor