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How Does Kleeneze Work, will Kleeneze work for me?

How does Kleeneze Work?

This business all starts with one thing. Catalogues.  No matter where you are in the Network, at what level, the catalogues are the basis of your business. We often get people asking “Does Kleeneze work”

kleeneze workA little about the catalogues!

The catalogues are designed to do the selling, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is to get them out there and then reap the rewards!

It all starts here “I just love this business. I am a single dad with three kids in tow and only did two small drops and picked up £395! More to come, as they were not ready. Only in Kleeneze!” Jon

“Everyone says wait for Christmas for big orders. I placed around £310 of orders on 4 January. Tonight another £254 including a single order for £94. I had a new starter join yesterday and watched as customers started buying in his Facebook group last night. He placed his orders today. Another lady had her first reward in her first few days. Kleeneze is booming with those working it!” Adele

Kleeneze work s – Join in 2 quick steps CLICK HERE

“So whilst I was in Birmingham having a blast with team members and also attending the Showcase, my catalogues were working for me. What a fab start. 23 orders totalling over £350!You see, I told you last week that I know for a fact that 2017 is going to be one word – Magical!” Ian

“Well I started a few months ago and my biggest single order was £51, but I got this beauty of £137 today. I know it’s not anywhere near some orders, but this is from a lady that places orders every month. I don’t know the £100 dance but I did do a chandler dance up the street and any fans of the series friends will know what that is haha! Thank you to my up line who supports me so much and has become a dear friend.” Rachael

Kleeneze work

k life

K Life what every person needs to know about joining K Life

Welcome to my website, my name is Debbie and I will help guide you by listing simple things that you will want to know when joining K life.

K life and what you need to know!

  1. K Life is a product range.
  2. When you request to join K life you will need to become a Kleeneze distributo first, which enables you to sell the K life product range.
  3. You are unable to join K life without becoming a Kleeneze distributor first but once you’ve joined you can choose to sell just the products and not the full range of Kleeneze products on offer.
  4. You can join any distributor within the business, however, it would be wise to do your homework first. Experience varies and you may find it best to join a team who will support you and guide you at your own pace. Review my team here.
  5. When joining you will receive a trading facility and this will enable you to purchase products for your customers up front without having to pay for them first.  There is no credit check on the indivudual.
  6. There are various starter packs you can join with. Please check out this page for additional information to help you decide.
  7. On registering you will be asked to fill in your name address and age. You must be over 18 years old to join the Kleeneze business.
  8. Further information will be required. This will include, asking you to tick/untick a box to indicate whether you are on the sex offenders list. Also a box to indicate you have read the terms and conditions.
  9. Once you have paid online. We have a secure registration process. You will receive a confirmation email to say you have registered as a Kleeneze distirbutor.  Your kit will arrive 2 working days later.
  10. Contact the person you have registered. Many distirbutors will talk you through this process.

If you would like to join K Life or Kleeneze today:- Please visit my page to find out more.

k life

Klife catalogue 2017

Klife Catalogue 2017

Klife Catalogue 2017

Look and feel your best without breaking the bank. Our high quality Klife catalogue 2017 range, is all about  trendsetting products.  From our Klife health and beauty range to clothing and fabulous collections. We offer everything from sumptuous bedding and luxury soft furnishings to heavenly fragrances and essential homewares all at unexpectedly affordable prices.

Klife For the home – new product range in our Klife Catalogue 2017

A house isn’t a home until you put your personal stamp on it, so dive into our very latest Klife catalogue and spoil yourself.

Klife Online

Have a sneak preview of the products in the Klife range by watching the video below. Alternatively view products in 148 page online Klife catalogue here.

Klife catalogue 2017

…Klife Women

Affordable ladies fashion for every occasion. Shop now for the latest styles of coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, cardigans, underwear, jewellery and much more.

Whether you’re looking for a new casual look. An outfit to wow on a night out. Or a coat to help you stand out from the crowd, we have something for everyone and all at amazing value prices.

Klife personalised

Looking for something special for someone special? Look no further than our exclusive range of gift ideas. With something for every occasion and every budget, you’re sure to find the perfect present!

Klife Distributor

If you love our range of Klife products then I’m sure others will too.  Why not become a Klife distributor today selling our fabulous range of trendsetting products. Easy to sell online and our glossy Klife catalogue goes down well with friends and family.  Let the catalogue do all the work for you.  You’ll find people calling you to order!

Thinking about it, why not make money doing something you’ll love. Working based from home showing other people yourvery own product range. Find out more here

Order Klife Products Here This Summer Online!

Order Klife Products Online CLICK HERE

Klife has launched a brand new online shop where customers can order KLife products online and get them delivered direct to their door. This will allows KLife customers who are not currently getting a KLife catalogue to still order their KLife products. Direct to their home. So… to order Klife products direct from the Klife shop and get them delivered

to your door… Please visit my online KLife shop at this web address  you’ll be able to browse the current Klife products and place your order. All payments are taken on the Klife shop site and a small postage charge is applied if your order is under £50. I would just like to take this opportunity to personally thank you
for shopping with me 

Klife Personalised Catalogue

Order Klife Products Online

Does Kleeneze and KLife Work?

Kleeneze and Klife Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kleeneze and Klife Work?

Does Kleeneze and Klife work? Can I make it work for me?   I am going to cover the most asked questions about our Kleeneze and Klife business in the next 2 minutes on this video. If the answer to your question isn’t here, then please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How much can I realistically expect to earn with Kleeneze and Klife?

This depends on how much effort you are willing to put into the business. Profits of £300 to £600 per month are very common within Kleeneze and Klife, £1000 per month are frequent… … more so now than ever before with the addition of our Klife product range. Profits of £2000+ per month are attainable by most people. Profits of £5,000+ are achieved by those… who are seriously committed to their business and are willing to work more.

Do I have to team build to make money?

No this is not necessary to earn money. You can earn substantial amounts by using our catalogues and online methods… Once you have a solid customer base you may want to boost your income by team building.

Why has Kleeneze and Klife succeeded where so many other companies have failed?

Kleeneze and Klife move everyday products to the public at very affordable prices. For you as a distributor there are no ‘up front’ purchase requirements and no product selling because the catalogues do that for you. In Kleeneze and Klife it isn’t just a ‘few at the top’ who make all the money? Profits are spread throughout the company allowing new joiners to make a profit within their first four weeks.

I don’t drive, is that a problem?

Not at all… Kleeneze and Klife distributors operate their business without a car. You can deliver and collect catalogues on foot in your local area. When working online… you may decide to get the company to deliver direct to the customer.

I know someone who tried network marketing and failed therefore I’m worried! So what makes Kleeneze and Klife different?

Many network marketing organisations have tried to model themselves on Kleeneze’s success, but have failed. Kleeneze and now with the addition of Klife they have built a strong brand over the last 90 years with huge public awareness and product confidence. Unlike other organisations, which require agents to have 1000’s in their group to succeed and have initial start up costs running into the many hundreds of pounds, Kleeneze and Klife enables a single distributor to make a profit within four weeks of joining. With start up costs as little as £25

I have a Kleeneze and Klife catalogue delivered to my door already, will there be room for me?

Of course! There are no territories in the Kleeneze and the Klife business, …there’s plenty of room for everyone. Even if another distributor operates in your area they will have their own loyal customer base and therefore will not be delivering to every door. Also, with the introduction of online selling, we do not encounter these problems.

If you decide to work with the Kleeneze or klife catalogues, we suggest you start as close to your home as possible to build customer base, then expand over time. Providing great customer service will allow your customer base to grow rapidly.

Does Kleeneze and Klife work

Debbie Gee

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