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Debbie Gee KleenezeWhether you are looking to join Kleeneze or klife please take a look through this section.

I’m sure you’ve had a look around my website already and have read my story.  If not, have a quick look here. I joined Kleeneze just for an extra income and had absolutely no thoughts whatsoever of taking the business any further.  I had so many work commitments and a young daughter that I thought it would be impossible to take on anything else.

I joined in 2001 and once I started team building.  I quickly realised my new distributors needed a very good, duplicatable, income producing system to follow.  It’s not that we didn’t have manuals to follow in the business, we did. But I quickly realised that the fastest way to help other people earn money was to develop a series of duplicatable ‘tools’ to help my team gain momentum faster and get them earning money straight away.

This system has worked well for the team and doesn’t require any additional money to be invested.  So there are no hidden costs.  The support system I have in place for the G-Force team, I believe is the best in the business. I encourage you to contact me and ask as many questions as you feel necessary, before making a commitment.

Many people in the network know me for developing the very latest online support system and #SocialSellingSystem. This system helps distributors with little knowledge of how to promote online. It gets you a head start and straight into earning money.  This leaves you time tolearn the skills necessary to build a bigger business.



Why Join Kleeneze Klife – The Number 1 online training and support system in KLeeneze and Klife.

So let’s look at the why join me kleeneze klife section of this site.  I introduced the most widely used Social Selling System to our network in November 2014; this is when we updated our team system to incorporate selling our products through Social Media and various other online methods.

why join me Klife KleenezeWhy I Choose The Social Selling System For Our Distributor Network?

The Social Selling System is a documented, competent, duplicable and up to date system, which will help you run your online business.  I personally believe this is the most comprehensive, supportive system, we have in the business to date. I will also be incorporating my years of experience gained from helping individuals and businesses brand themselves online. You will receive full help and support using this system, when you join my team, the  G-Force Team.

Why join me Kleeneze Klife  – Many teams within the network have now adopted this system and by joining me, you will receive first hand  training and support:

Induction training on a one to one basis to help us kick start your business.

Weekly online webinar trainings – skill training within your own home, teaching you everything you need to build your business – at your own pace.

Mentorship from myself and some of the most skilled  networkers marketers in the business.

Website – Access to a comprehensive video and documented website with FREE 24/7 access.

Join KleenezeWhy join  kleeneze Klife – I’ll Be Your Personal Mentor

By Joining me, or one of my team you will receive personal mentoring from me to help you build your network. I have been using social media for many years now, first My Space, Yahoo forums and then Facebook, Twitter, Pheed, Instagram and my favourite Pinterest. This does not make me an ‘expert’ in this field but I am very familiar with how all the social media platforms work.  I have helped many different companies set up an online presence and guided them with promotions, building social relationships and design.

During 2010/11  I attended a course for Social Media and Direct Selling which took 6 months to complete. The most important aspect about social media is building relationships first.

Using social media in your business gives you  a unique opportunity to engage, to build and maintain these relationships, and to be a trustworthy brand that people will want to flock to.

Why join  kleeneze Klife – Is this something I can do?

It may sound complicated, rest assured that it isn’t.  All it takes is some effort on your part to become part of the social experience and to treat people as more than just targets of your marketing.  I will work with you and so long as you are committed to learning the skills we will be able to work together.  Rest assured you will receive support and answers to all of your questions regarding online network marketing, social selling and recruitment.

Why Join kleeneze Klife

Whether you wish to do the online side of the business or our  catalogue distribution we have a success system here waiting for you to earn money from day one.

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