Is this a good idea?

Is this a good idea?

Imagine if the only way you could get into business for yourself would be to start that business through someone else who is already running a business like the one you are starting.

Imagine they were your mentor, advisor and supporter whilst you are getting up and running. Perhaps we could call them something like “your sponsor”.

Imagine if they also had a sponsor of their own who could advise you both.

Imagine that your sponsors also got rewarded proportionately for the success that they help you to achieve. They would ALWAYS have your best interests at heart wouldn’t they.

Imagine if you could also introduce people to that business model and become their “sponsor” and get rewarded for the success that they achieve.

Wouldn’t this be a great idea? Why hasn’t somebody come up with this as a business model? Call me crazy but I think this would be wildly successful.