If I can do THIS as a single mum – you can too!

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Having a home in desperate need of renovation and a large mortgage gave Maidenhead woman, Debbie Gee, the motivation to earn some extra money. Seven years on, she is mortgage free and developing a third property! Finding herself financially stretched, single mum Debbie set an ambitious 5 year goal to pay off her mortgage by the age of 40. With no real indication of how to achieve this at the time, Debbie became a Kleeneze distributor.
A family friend had recommended this was a good way to earn some extra money. Her business initially involved delivering the company catalogues to generate a steady income, however, it soon developed into a new career when Debbie became active with the team building aspect of the business. 5 years later Debbie had achieved her goal and much more; she is in the process of developing a third property worth over £400,000, which was paid for with cash and she is now completely mortgage free. Debbie is looking at taking her interests further by developing and renting out more properties alongside running her flexible Kleeneze Business.
Debbie outlines some of the secrets to her success “Kleeneze has given me a stable income which has been increasing over the years to more than I could ever have earned in employment. It has been so exciting and so much fun that it has been easy to stick with it. I am in total control of how much I earn and have been growing a residual income.
“My drive and determination has come from meeting so many positive and successful people, they have been a major influence in my life and have helped me along my success path” Now because of Kleeneze, Debbie is financially stable and enjoys a great life with her daughter, Sadie. Debbie added “Something I didn’t expect was the fantastic personal development opportunities that were presented by being part of the Kleeneze network”
By profession Debbie worked as a Communications Specialist in a Special needs school and part time, she ran her own Natural Therapist Clinic. Debbie’s stable Kleeneze income has enabled her to work from home for the last 7 years giving her the freedom to spend time with her family.
Kleeneze rewarded Debbie’s success with luxury all expenses paid trips to Sydney, Rio, Club Med 2 (around the Caribbean) and New York, Cape Town & Hong Kong.