Ian & Lorraine Balcombe

Prior to joining Kleeneze Ian & I both spent many years working in the Pub and Restaurant trade, until the day came when we had to make the decision to cut our losses and sell our business due to Ian’s bad health.

Years of working unsociable hours, along with the constant worry of juggling our finances to meet with the ever-increasing overheads of running our own business, had taken its toll on us. We decided our priorities had to change. Having two children under the age of 2, and Ian’s poor state health forced us to realise this.

It was after this that we decided we needed a new challenge, something that would fit around our current lifestyle, enabling us to work from home. This was when we replied to a newspaper advertisement for Kleeneze. At first we were very sceptical, but after weighing up the pro’s and con’s, we decided that as long as we could re-coup our initial outlay, then what had we got to lose!!

Much to our surprise, we earned £597 in our first four weeks in the business. Not bad for a part time income, considering this was done on foot, taking our two children with us in their double buggy!!

All we have done is follow a simple proven system, and show others how they can achieve what they want by doing the same. Although you are in business for yourself, you’re never entirely on your own like in a conventional business, as there is a terrific support system in place to help you develop your business.

Kleeneze has completely changed our lives. We now have a fantastic lifestyle; I now run the business P/T around our family, while Ian works as a self-employed taxi driver. Kleeneze gives us a superb 2nd income over £23,000+ per annum and also enables me to do voluntary work as a school governor.

We now have a terrific future lying ahead of us with Kleeneze. It has turned out to be everything we’d hoped for, and more!!

We’ve doubled our income so why don’t you?Ian & Lorraine Balcombe