“I was able to give up work and run my own home business around my children”

My Story

Many mothers dream of giving up work to be around for their children whilst they are growing up, and Hazel was no different. Hazel made the decision to leave work upon the arrival of her first child; however was soon to realise that increasing tax meant that large chunks of income were being chipped away monthly from the salary that her partner Richard was bringing in. She realised that she needed to find some work quickly, however it was crucial that she found something flexible enough to work around the children. With one child in full-time education and two part-time Hazel and Richard were stuck for solutions.

After trawling through the ‘work from home’ adverts placed in the local papers they came across Kleeneze. The couple investigated the business further and upon realising its successful history and fantastic perks they joined with 200 catalogues. Although Richard was initially more sceptical, the true opportunities and success of running a Kleeneze business shone through when they received their cheque for their first four weeks in business- £500!

Kleeneze has really changed their lives for the better, creating that perfect work-life balance and enabling a stable financial situation to be created whilst being around for the children when they need them to be. Richard can be more relaxed in his work knowing that whatever happens within his job they have a stable income from their Kleeneze business and their family will be supported.

The aim is for Richard to retire 10 years earlier than normal and for the entire family to enjoy a high standard of living. The opportunities and personal development that Kleeneze is offering is creating immeasurable value in their lives and is opening up a brand new and exciting future for them and their children.