“I wanted to spend more time with my children without losing a second income”

My Story

Hoda and her partner Gary are graduates in Civil Engineering and having spent 18 months working in Hong Kong they decided to return to the UK to get married and start a family. After their first child was born, Hoda realised that the couple needed a bigger income to support the family, so she looked into returning to a job in engineering. She soon realised that working full time would mean that she would have to pay for child care on a daily basis, which was much more expensive than she first thought. Not only would it cause more financial problems she did not like the idea of leaving their daughter in the care of someone else whilst she was growing up.

After child two and three came along they decided that working full time was not a viable option with such a big family and they began searching for new opportunities. Whilst scouring the local papers for home based opportunities Hoda came across Kleeneze. She wanted to be sure that this business would work for her, so she set about researching the company and speaking at length with her ‘soon-to-be’ upline about the business. Hoda quickly realised the fantastic opportunities Kleeneze could provide herself and her family, as working from home would provide the flexibility to enable her to look after her children, attend school functions and support them with their activities – all whilst creating a stable income.

The business has changed Hoda’s life around by providing more opportunities than ever before. Her journey began 15 years ago delivering catalogues whilst pushing her children in their buggies, and she now has an established customer base and is building a team around her. The income from Kleeneze has meant that she can fund her children’s school trips and reach her goal of refurbishing her house, all whilst choosing the hours she works.

Kleeneze is an inspiring business with a great deal of opportunities for personal development, for meeting like-minded people and for achieving great things in life.