Gary used to earn £150 working at a fish factory!

Gary & Esther Watson

What an amazing opportunity!!

Hi everyone as you can see below we have just moved into our 3rd brand new house in the last 6 years, this time into the biggest yet with 6 bedrooms.
When I joined this opportunity back in September 1995 I couldn’t even afford to keep up the mortgage payments on a flat valued at £28,000.
I used to earn £150 per week in a job as a labourer, Esther was low paid as a receptionist. The rewards and lifestyle this business offers is life-changing for those prepared to pay the price.
Consistant and persistent effort over a few years following and coaching a simple duplicatable system that anyone anywhere can do and follow. A do “whatever it takes” attitude and time will ultimately have many other people achieving the same and more from the wonderful Kleeneze opportunity.
We are very proud parents to our 2 year old daughter, Amy, who also has learned to live full time with Mummy and Daddy.
Follow the advice of your serious upline and do as they show you week in week out and you can have anything you set a goal for, just for helping other people achieve their goals too.
In the last 12 months alone I have bought a brand new Volvo V70 sport in black, we have been on holiday in Disneyworld Florida for the 4th time in less than 3 years and we took Esther’s parents with us too, been on an inclusive family holiday to Majorca soon after and had a wicked time LIVING full time!
It really is worth all the hard work if you stick with it.