Free Images Some Options For You To Use Images Legally,

Challenges within the new visual age is developing or sourcing images that you can use with your blog posts or social media sites. Finding free images to use can be quite confusing.

A lot of people think it is ok to go and search on the web for pictures and images to use for their marketing or websites, it’s not.  Just because you search on google and they appears under images, you can’t just use them. Even when you take a photo and upload the image, that does not allow anyone else to use them without permission, so it does work both ways.

There is a reverse image search which allow photographers and designers to search their own images to find out who has been using them illegally.  If you have been using images and not been caught yet, you are very lucky.

Google does have an advanced search facility which will help you locate free images. Not many people realise that if you search for an image, then click the images tab, in the top right hand corner you will find an advanced search. A box appears with usage license, click the relevant option and search for your desired image.

Free images


Below I have listed some free and cheap resources you can use to help you avoid using images illegally.




FREE Images Stock Photography



PAID Stock Photography